Top Ten Posts from Stormin’ in Norman in 2014


We talk a lot about the teams OU puts out on the field and the court, but one team I don’t thank enough publicly is the team here at Stormin’ in Norman and Fansided.

This past year has been a great one. In my first full year back as editor, we’ve seen this site grow bigger than we could have ever imagined back in 2012 when the site first launched.

As a way of looking back at what OU has accomplished, as well as ourselves, here are the top ten posts from our little blog in 2014:

10. “What we learned from the Oklahoma Sooners’ 48-16 victory” by Diego Galaviz — 7,114 views

OU’s 48-16 win over Louisiana Tech seems like a distant memory. Though, this was a special game for myself. I got to experience the press box life as a credential member of the media. This was definitely a fun one to cover, as Oklahoma rolled the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs with very little trouble.

9. “Oklahoma Sooners’ Loss to Baylor Shows Big Problems within the Program” by Diego Galaviz — 9,078 views

The Baylor loss sparked a lot of conversation. Heads were called for amongst the roster and coaching staff. It was an eye-opening loss that showed OU wasn’t where they were a few years ago.

8. “Five Reasons the Oklahoma Sooners won’t beat Tulsa” by Joe Buettner — 9,318 views

One of my first attempts at satire, and this didn’t go over too well. A lot of people took this way too seriously. My main goal with this article was to give some type of humorous distraction during a very boring week leading up to a game we all knew OU would win by a large margin. I learned my lesson.

7. “Oklahoma’s Josh Heupel Problem” by Spenser Davis — 10,191 views

A reoccurring theme of the 2014 season was the fan’s disapproval of Oklahoma offensive coordinator Josh Heupel. Spenser Davis laid all out in this column.

6. “Oklahoma’s pre-game motivational video before Sugar Bowl” — 11,527 views

Throwing it all the way back to January, we threw up the official pre-game motivational video the Oklahoma staff showed to the team before the Sooners went out and beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. Great, great stuff.

5. “The sky is not falling on Oklahoma Sooners football” by Brady Vardeman — 11,980 views

In attempt to calm the nerves of Sooner fans, Mr. Vardeman took a different approach to the Baylor loss.

4. “Can the Sooners survive West Virginia without Keith Ford?” by Joe Buettner — 13,578 views

Looking back at this article makes me smile. Thank you for everything, Mr. Perine.

3. “2014 NCAA Women’s College World Series Full Schedule, TV Information” by Joe Buettner — 15,696 views

This was a simple post, but it’s a great reminder of the week I got to spend at the ASA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium for the 2014 Women’s College World Series. We were blessed to get to cover the event, despite Oklahoma being knocked out of the tournament by Oregon.

2. “ESPN College GameDay snubs Oklahoma-Tennessee for North Dakota State” by Joe Buettner — 18,951 views

In hind sight, the Sooners probably didn’t deserve any type of GameDay recognition, but it was really disappointing at the time that OU couldn’t get Corso and the gang.

1. “2014 Oklahoma Sooners Kick-off Video: Feed the Beast” by Sean Forster — 42,641 views

By a landslide, this was our top post of 2014. It’s a bit sad to watch it now, but I still watch this and feel like OU has some weird outside chance at a national title.

Here’s to hoping 2015 will be a special one.