2024 Oklahoma football position preview: Wide Receiver Jayden Gibson

Throughout July, Stormin' in Norman analyzed the different position groups for the 2024 Oklahoma football roster. Now, it's time for the pass catchers, and next up is Jayden Gibson.

Oklahoma Football's Florida Boy

I've been excited for this one. If Oklahoma football bias is something you find offputting you may want to find another article because we're all about big Jayden Gibson. He's one of our site's favorite Sooners ever. This kids production and potential is limitless and his attitude is unmatched.

Gibson is 6'5'', 195-pounds. He's got an insane vertical jump and some of the best hands on the team. As far as jump balls go... I'd put Jayden against any receiver in the nation. He's a legitimate national deep ball threat, a massive red zone target, and one of Sooner Nation's most beloved players.

Jayden signed with the Sooners as part of Brent Venables's first recruiting class. He committed to Brent Venables late in the process, putting his trust and faith in a program 1,200 miles away from his home when he could've signed with the Florida Gators, which he almost did. We (Sooner Nation) had no clue how lucky we were to get him at the time.

When Gibson got to Norman, he did not see any immediate playing time. He has fought for every second on the field he has earned, and he's had a leader's attitude every second along the way. In his first year as a Sooner, Gibson brought in one catch for 12 yards. Last year, Gibson had 15 catches for 587 yards and 5 scores.

Jayden is trending up, and if you put him in an air raid offense, he will absolutely flourish. I have to say that Nic Anderson is this squad's best receiver because he's taken that crown on the field. Jalil Farooq, who we will preview next, is the elder leader of the receivers' room because he's been loyal to the program and he's been doing it for years. However, when you talk about raw talent, size, athleticism, and potential, there is no brighter receiver in the nation than Jayden Gibson.

I think Jayden will have a 30-plus catch season. He will contribute most to the offense in the red zone, but he can also help flip the field, especially in man coverage. He matches up well with most corners in man coverage, and he can use his size to make plays over the top of corners, especially in the red zone.

Jayden is the epitome for what hard work and a positive attitude look like. He got to Norman and went to work, and his work was starting to pay off. This year will be Jayden's best year, and we can't wait to see this guy start making All-SEC lists.