Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Oklahoma Sooners football in 2015


New year, new team?

Well, probably not, but one can be optimistic.

If you haven’t cried today, and you’d like to see our 2014 and 2013 New Year’s Resolutions, go for it.


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1. Fire somebody.

Heupel or Mike Stoops, please show a concerted effort that you’re trying to improve. If Josh Heupel is still calling plays next year, feel free to write off 2015 is another waste of a season. The Sooners just can’t realistically compete for a championship unless they shake things up in the coaching staff and change a few of their philosophies.

2. Bring the mojo back to Norman. In other words, win all your home games. With Akron, Tulsa, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Iowa State, and TCU, it’s doable. The Sooners would need a huge upset over the Horned Frogs, but who knows where both teams will be toward the end of the season.

3. Develop the receivers. It feels like OU’s wide receivers saw little to no improvement in 2014. I’m not sure what’s up with Jay Norvell, but he has to start developing talent or might be time to part ways. A great point by our own Sean Forster, Norvell has lucked out with a few transfers (Justin Brown, Jalen Saunders), but Michiah Quick needs to take the next step in learning how to haul in passes and Durron Neal needs to prove that four-star rating he received out of high school by taking pressure off of Sterling Shepard.

4. Don’t exhaust, Samaje. In other words, don’t allow OU to be a one-man team. Oklahoma needs to find more weapons, and you know, they might not be there. But hopefully a Joe Mixon or a new quarterback can make an impact and make OU’s offense less one dimensional.

5. Beat Oklahoma State. We’re going to have a real problem if the Pokes get two in a row over OU.

6. Beat Texas, too. There’s realistically not much OU can achieve in the post-season other than maybe a mid-level bowl win. Beating Texas always helps, especially with recruiting. As bad as Oklahoma is, the Longhorns are in no better shape. Get in the punches while you can.

7. Revive the secondary. Not sure what’s happened, but Oklahoma’s secondary is the joke of the Big 12 and the rest of the league will abuse the Sooners if change doesn’t happen.

8. Stay positive. If Oklahoma shakes up the coaching staff, don’t expect overnight success. Keep supporting these guys as long as there isn’t ample reason not to. (I rarely tell fans to stop supporting teams, but if anyone refused to watch the Russell Athletic Bowl, I can’t blame them)

9. Pull an upset. Going back to No. 2, OU beating TCU in Norman would be a major upset considering how good the Horned Frogs should be in 2015. Nothing gets the morale back up like knocking off one of the nation’s top teams, and while I don’t think OU will be in a position to compete for any type of Big 12 title, they can play spoiler by pulling one or two upsets on some of the better Big 12 competition.

10. Win a bowl game. Sorry, but losing 40-6 to ACC teams don’t solidify OU as one of the nation’s modern day elite programs. Oklahoma had a month to prepare and they laid a huge egg. Whether the guys want to be there or not, Stoops has to find a way to get these ready and start building toward better bowl games.