Oklahoma Sooners football: Reviewing our 2014 New Year’s resolutions


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Well, like most Americans, my New Year’s resolutions for Oklahoma football fell short. REALLY SHORT.

We’ll he have our 2015 resolutions up shortly, but let’s take a look at how wrong and optimistic I and many other fans were before this dreadful season began.

"1. Get Gameday in Norman. None of that weak Fox Sports 1 crap, Gameday needs to be back in Norman. I know it’s a two-way street on this one, but if Oklahoma’s in a position for a national title and they’re playing a quality football team, OU should be able to land a visit from the ESPN Gameday Crew. The home games in 2014 include Louisiana Tech (no), Tennessee (maybe), Kansas State (doubtful), Baylor (possibly if the Bears are good again), Kansas (LOL, no), and Oklahoma State (I doubt it). The ones I could see happening are Tennessee, because of the school names. Baylor would need to have another stellar season, and Bryce Petty is poised to return. Oklahoma State loses a lot of starters, I just can’t really see them being that much of a threat. I just want exciting games in Norman. We did with Texas Tech to an extent, but Gameday and on primetime? There’s nothing better."

There’s just so many tears rolling down my face right now. Baylor turned out to be great. Oklahoma State was a threat. And yeah, Gameday didn’t happen. It only gets worse from here.

"2. Step up or step out, Heupel. There were some glimpses of a solid Oklahoma offense this season, but some games, I truly questioned how Josh Heupel still had his job. His game plan seemed very inefficient, but props for doing just enough to get OU to 10 wins. I’m not saying fire him, but if he can not create a competent offensive attack, then it’s time to part ways. There are rumors he could be on a few teams’ head coaching search radar, which I say, sure, Josh, go ahead and leave. However, maybe next year will be different, or it could be another questionable year for the OU offense. I’m not saying they have to be 2008 good, but it’d be nice to show signs of getting back there."

Here we are a year later and Josh Heupel is still awful. Please, for the love that all is good and crimson, let Josh’s days be done in Norman. I’m not sure anyone can endure another season of incompetent play-calling.

"3. Find a QB that works. Blake Bell wasn’t exactly the quarterback we all thought he would be. While he did win OU Bedlam, he just didn’t look the part against Texas and Baylor. Maybe he emerges in spring, maybe someone else does. However, not knowing who is going to start worries me. It helps to an extent. The other team does not know who to expect, but some consistency at the quarterback position would be great. And it might be even messier with the quarterbacks coming in this offseason."

This was posted before the Sugar Bowl victory, so obviously, I had no clue Trevor Knight would be overnight god and Blake Bell would switch to tight end. Regardless, we’re still looking for a quarterback, and it’s quite depressing.

"4. Beat Texas. For the love of God, do not lose consecutive years to Texas. That is all."


"5. Keep the uniforms the same. While the gold trim wasn’t outrageous and somewhat cool looking, let’s just keep the uniforms the way they are. No need to fix what’s not broken."

Well, that was fun while it lasted…

"6. Give Jay Boulware a raise. The special teams were phenomenal this year. Seriously, this man’s special team unit saved Oklahoma a lot of games. Boulware deserves a lot of the credit."

To Jay Boulware’s credit, he really can’t control Michael Hunnicutt and his leg. However, we saw Alex Ross emerge as a stud in the special teams and give props to Boulware for putting some great blockers out on the field for No. 28.

"7. Can we get some 2:30 games, please? OU fans used to dread all those night games, and while it would be lovely to get a primetime game on ABC, the 11 am kickoffs are just as bad. 2:30 is perfect college football viewing time, and while it’s hard to always get the time slot you want, Oklahoma is a program that should not be playing at noon. Not to play the traditional power, but I’m playing it."

HAHAHAHA If only I knew of how bad it would be…

"8. Pack the student section every game. Students, come on. I love you all. I am one. Let’s fill up those stands. It’s a bit of an eye sore when the entire stadium is crimson then there is a glaring patch of bleachers. Show your support and get up for every home game. Even the ones at 11 AM. They kinda suck, but you’re only in college once."

Yeah, great job, students. Way to go.

"9. Win the Big 12 outright. In the Bob Stoops era, OU has not gone two consecutive seasons without winning a Big 12 Championship. While a conference share is possible with the way so much parity exists within this conference right now, just win all your ball games and take the conference title. Oklahoma has the talent next year, and while a trip to Lubbock in November and a road game against TCU right before the Red River Rivalry concerns me, OU has the ability to achieve this goal."

*throws up*

"10. Make the playoffs. This one is going to be incredibly hard, but I think it’s somewhat doable. I’m not expecting Oklahoma to win the title, but I won’t be shocked if they are contending for one. Oklahoma has some good pieces next year, and the Big 12 seems a bit iffy. Watch out, the 2014 Sooners are coming."

*sobbing* *lots and lots of sobbing*