Oklahoma football: An open letter to Dorial Green-Beckham


Dear Mr. DGB,

First off, I have to say, even though you didn’t pick OU initially in your recruiting, you wound up in Norman by some weird chance and everyone was really excited to hear about your transfer. Ecstatic, even.

We all know about your past, but we are willing to move past that as I’m sure you are as well.

Listen, 2014 didn’t go as planned. You were supposed to be the crown jewel of the offense, but those jerks at the NCAA denied your appeal.

I’m sure it was frustrating to stand on the sideline for most of the games and wonder what life would be like if you won your case. However, 2014 is over, and we’re focused on 2015.

Now, a lot of people doubt you will come back. It’s understandable. You’re pegged to be one of the first receivers taken in the 2015 NFL Draft and all that money can be enticing.

However, imagine how much more money you could make and how much more comfortable teams will be with picking you if you played one more year in college?

You’ve done a great job of keeping a low profile and you’ve gone about your business.

However, let’s be real. The money will still be there. A team is going to pick you and you’re going to have a great career in the NFL.

But wouldn’t it be nice for your family, your friends, and for your Oklahoma teammates to at least see you play college ball for one more season?

After college, it’s a business. You’re going to get the rookie treatment, you’re going to have earn respect again, but maybe you can get a head start by suiting up in the crimson and cream and balling out with the Sooners.

I’d understand if you left school, but think about how many more times you’re going to get to play with a group of guys that are your age, who are not going to get traded mid-season or constantly whine about their “contract,” and you get to be the big man on campus while it’s still socially acceptable.

It’s a tough decision. We all know you’ll make the right one for yourself. However, OU fans would love to have you after witnessing five losses in the same season and an offense that needs a sparkplug.

Take care, and we hope to hear back soon.

Respectfully yours,

Sooner Nation