Instant Reaction: Oklahoma Sooners get rocked by the Clemson Tigers


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Just an insane game. And in the worst way possible.

This 2014 season is finally over, and the Oklahoma Sooners are 8-5.

I have a few thoughts to share, and I want you to read them in your head as if I’m your dad going over your not-so-great report card.

Before I get to the thoughts, I want to say, Clemson outplayed OU in every phase of the game. The Tigers brought the fire early, and they punched Oklahoma right in the mouth. Hats off to that football team and their win.

Now for OU…

Everything OU did this season that killed them in their losses were not fixed. How many times does OU have to get burnt for a 60+ yard touchdown pass before they realize you can’t let your DB’s sit 30 yards off the line of scrimmage? The secondary let Cole Stoudt look better than he is, and there’s no excuse for getting BLASTED by a second-string ACC quarterback.

“Sugar Bowl” Trevor Knight is long gone. Call it rust. Call it whatever you want. However, seeing Knight go out there and throw in to QUADRUPLE COVERAGE is just infuriating. All I really have left to say is: start warming up your arm, Baker.

This game could’ve been a lot closer, but it’s probably good it wasn’t. Penalties called back a lot of OU points, and the same could be said for all the OU turnovers. It was just baffling and comedic to an extent. Oklahoma has to become more disciplined on both sides of the ball, but I think that starts with the coaching staff.

Let’s hope the recruits had other things to do this Monday. There’s lots of things to do with your Monday afternoon, and while I don’t think anyone will be de-committing, Oklahoma can’t feel happy with the way they represented themselves in their bowl game. If there’s a positive to take from this, some guys may see an opportunity to get early playing time. However, OU’s structure is flawed, and that’s putting it nicely.

Two positives, though…

Samaje Perine is a warrior. He was the heart of the offense, and the only player who really showed a pulse. Perine is going to be terrifying next year, but he needs help from his offensive line and he needs a different offensive coordinator.

The season is finally over. We can finally focus on the really talented men’s basketball team OU has this season. 2014 was a dumpster fire, but maybe some of this will open the eyes of the guys who make the big decisions. Boomer Sooner.