Oklahoma football: Opposing fans give their takes on Sooners head coach Bob Stoops


Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops is one of the most well-known coaches in the country. Whether it’s because of his public criticism of the SEC “propaganda”, or because he’s made the most BCS Bowls and is the only coach to win them all, or because he has won eight conference championships, he’s very popular.

There’s always rumors Stoops may consider leaving Oklahoma for a gig at Florida or the NFL. But for now at least, he’s still at Oklahoma. The success he has had here is very impressive. I decided to interview five fellow bloggers and writers from other sites to find out their opinion on Stoops and see what non-biased fans of a few other Big 12 teams think of Bob Stoops.

I was able to interview:

What are your overall thoughts on Bob Stoops?

Amie Just: Bob Stoops is a solid coach. He’s always good for seven wins a season… at least.

Robert Jones: His overall record speaks for itself and I think it’s a two-horse race between him and Bill Snyder for the title of best Big 12 coach. Though I have to admit, his teams have lacked a certain championship mentality and toughness since 2008.

Jeff Kubiszyn: I think he is one of the best coaches in the nation. He has been a thorn in UT’s side for a long time.

Brian Spaen: A legendary head coach in college football. After his first season, he’s led the Sooners to 8 or more wins in the last 14 years.

Gunter Sharp: I like him. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and I admire that. I like him 364 days a year.

Can Stoops win another national championship before he retires or leaves?

Just: This season? No. Before conference season started, I thought this would be Oklahoma’s year. I think it’s possible that OU could win another national championship before Stoops leaves, but for them to do that, the team can’t drop those close games. The turnovers have to stop and you can’t miss those field goals.

Jones: It probably sounds silly, and I’m not completely convinced of this myself, but I have to say no. Ever since 2008, his teams just haven’t had that championship attitude and toughness. I think he’s lost his edge, personally. Has all the talent but just can’t seem to get it done.

Kubiszyn: Yes, he can. Oklahoma always has a talented roster. With the new college football system in place, schools like Oklahoma can have a slip up during the season, but still have a chance to play for a national championship.

Spaen: Yes. Oklahoma is a national title contender every year with their recruiting and overall talent level.

Sharp: I guess it’s possible, but I don’t think he will. The competition is getting tougher and I think he’s already peaked.

Do you agree with Stoops’ “propaganda” comments directed at the SEC?

Just: The SEC is a very strong conference, just look at the top of the AP Top 25. It’s dominated by the SEC. All conferences have their weaker teams. That’s not up for debate. Kansas and Iowa State aren’t top tier programs in football right now, that’s no question. The bottom three teams in the SEC are Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Arkansas. Tennessee is a good program that’s been dormant for a few years.

Jones: There’s truth to it. We rant and rave about MSU beating 3 straight top 10 teams, but they were all ranked that high based on preseason…perception, really. At some point, the SEC being awesome is mostly a product of circular reasoning: SEC schools are ranked so highly because they have such good records against such good SEC schools. And he’s right, Kentucky and Vanderbilt haven’t done jack since ever.

Kubiszyn: While I don’t agree with him, you have to respect Stoops for sticking up for his conference. We hear how great of a conference the SEC is day in and day out. Someone needs to challenge this notion. Stoops is as good a coach as any to do this.

Spaen: Not to his level. I do believe the SEC is overrated because people assume the conference is the best every year yet the talent rarely matches up to the preseason polls. But every conference has their bad teams. It’s not just the SEC.

Sharp: They haven’t done much, but neither has anybody’s bottom half.

Where do you rank Bob Stoops in the country?

Just: My top five for coaches currently coaching: 1. Nick Saban 2. Urban Meyer 3. Mark Dantonio 4. Bob Stoops 5. Les Miles

Jones: I’d still put Stoops on the top 10-15 range based on resume. No rings in a while but plenty of 10+ win seasons and Big 12 titles. Can’t name many schools that wouldn’t take him.

Kubiszyn: I would say Stoops ranks as one of the top 10 coaches in the country. He continually lands top recruiting classes, a mark of a good coach. His teams are always competitive.

Spaen: Number 2 among active coaches. Only Nick Saban at Alabama tops him.

Sharp: I’d put him probably right at 4-5.

If Stoops announces his retirement a year early and visits your team’s stadium his last season, would the fans give him a standing ovation? Should they?

Just: He deserves respect, that’s for sure. He’s had a great career and should be recognized for that.

Jones: If it was brought to their attention, I’m sure they would. Some of our best memories are of playing Oklahoma in Lubbock, and Stoops was a big part of all those games… I’ve found Stoops to be a class act overall.

Kubiszyn: Oklahoma is a hated rival, meaning no coach would get the admiration of Longhorn Nation. Even if he is a good coach.

Spaen: Don’t see why not. They should because of his accomplishments.

Sharp: I don’t know that all of us would, but I personally would.

Stoops is a well-known and respected coach. What he has accomplished at OU is amazing. A national championship victory, eight Big 12 titles, most wins since he was hired, best winning percentage since he was hired, produced two Heisman Trophy winners, and won every BCS bowl game.

Stoops is a legend and future Hall of Fame coach who, as you can see, also gets respect from opposing fans. This season hasn’t been what most Sooners fans expected, but Oklahoma is lucky to have a class act and legendary coach like Bob Stoops.