Oklahoma football: Five Questions with Jeff Kubiszyn of Hook ‘Em Headlines


The Oklahoma Sooners will face the Texas Longhorns, but before we get to the big game in Dallas, it’s time to get some perspective from the enemy.

We’d like to thank Jeff Kubiszyn, lead editor of Hook ‘Em Headlines on the Fansided Network, for answering a few questions about the Texas Longhorns and this game.

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Joe Buettner: So, has the Charlie Strong coaching change been positive so far despite Texas starting their season 2-3?

Jeff Kubiszyn: It has been positive, to this point. Strong got rid of the players who did not want to buy into the program. Most fans were supportive, and even thrilled that Texas finally had a coach who would hold the players accountable for their actions. Strong is the opposite of Mack Brown.

Having said that, if the offense continues to struggle, and the losses mount, I wonder if these fans will begin to sing a different tune. This is a lost season. Some Longhorn fans may not be able to wrap their heads around that fact.

Buettner: Will Tyrone Swoopes be able to do enough to overcome a solid OU defense?

Kubiszyn: Probably not. Swoopes is not developing very quickly as a quarterback. The offense has been very vanilla in an attempt to protect the young signal caller. I expect OU to stack the box to stop the run. Swoopes will need to throw the ball down field to try and keep the defense honest. He hasn’t shown the ability to do that consistently.

Buettner: What’s one misconception college football fans outside of Austin have about this Texas team?

Kubiszyn: I would say the biggest misconception fans might have is that Texas does not have good running backs. Having the 94th ranked rushing offense in the country can do that. The reality is that Malcolm Brown and Johnathan Gray are very good runners. The problem has been the offensive line and its inability to create running lanes. Brown and Gray could easily rush for 1,000 yards each with a good offensive line in front of them.

Buettner: Defensively, where do you see Texas rank in the Big 12?

Kubiszyn: Texas has a Top-3 defense in the Big 12, right up there with Oklahoma and TCU. The defense has been outstanding in the first half of every game. The problem is the offense has too many three and outs, sending the defense back onto the field on short rest. Even still, what defensive coordinator Vance Bedford has accomplished in such a short time is impressive. This defense shut down a good Baylor offense for nearly three quarters.

Buettner: If Oklahoma is going to win on Saturday, what do they have to do?

Kubiszyn: Run the ball, a lot. If you look at what BYU and Baylor did on offense, it was the running game that proved to be the difference. The defense wore down as the game progressed. If the Sooners stick to running the ball – with a play-action pass mixed in every now and then – it will wear down the defense. OU needs to avoid the ill-timed turnover, too.  The Blake Bell pick-six in last year’s game swung the momentum in Texas’ favor. Turnovers seem to be magnified in this rivalry game.