Sooner Nation Sound-Off: Oklahoma Sooners overcome adversity against West Virginia


The Oklahoma Sooners, to many, showed why they have a case for not only the best in the Big 12, but maybe even the #1 team in the country. Receiving four first-place votes in the latest AP Poll and 12 first-place votes in the Coaches Poll reflects that.

I took to Twitter to ask Sooners fans what they thought was the most impressive thing they saw in Oklahoma’s win last weekend against West Virginia. Here were the best responses I received:

AJ sums it up.

David gives credit to an unsung hero.

Here are Logan’s thoughts:

Austin gives praise to the whole team.

Bubba liked something other than catching from the receivers.

David sees improvement from this year’s group in a certain aspect.

Trevor Knight’s stats weren’t amazing, but his leadership was big, says Josh.

With the run game strong and a huge kickoff return, Ryan makes a great point.

And the last one. Hey, looks like we have an official nickname!

With Oklahoma visiting TCU next weekend, my next question will be: What’s the biggest thing Oklahoma has to do next Saturday to get the win in Fort Worth?

Follow me on Twitter @DiegoG20 and keep an eye out for that question next Wednesday for your chance to be featured in next week’s article. If you didn’t get featured in this one, let us know your thoughts below: what impressed you the most about OU last weekend?