Guest Post: A Minnesota Vikings fan chimes in on Adrian Peterson


Editor’s Note: I’d like to thank Gerald Tracy, a staff writer for Cowboys Ride For Free and Thunder Obsessed, for contributing this piece. I hope you enjoy this unique perspective on this whole Adrian Peterson story.

Before I start this post I want to say hello to all of the Sooner faithful. I also want to let you know a little about me. My name is Gerald Tracy, a junior sports media major at the other school in Oklahoma—Oklahoma State University.

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I know that some of you may not continue to read this after that last sentence, but please hear me out. I grew up in the Norman area and my dad is an alumn and yes I still remember waking up on Saturdays to Boomer Sooner when I lived right down the street from the stadium.

When senior year came around I visited many schools including Texas A&M, OU and my eventual school OSU. OU wasn’t the place for me and OSU had an actual major in sports media, plus offered A LOT of opportunities.

Now more toward what you’re all here for, Adrian Peterson. I am a Minnesota Viking fan and have been since the early 2000s, specifically 2003. I have also watched AP become the best running back in the league, help every community he comes in place with and make the Vikings a fierce team on the offensive side no matter who they have quarterback is.

Adrian Peterson is my favorite player, no matter what school he went to. I wear his jersey every week and have done so since week one of the 2007 season.

So with all that being said you can only imagine how upset I was yesterday afternoon when the news came out. I honestly didn’t want to believe it, and hell I still don’t.

However, what Adrian Peterson did was wrong. I believe a parent should be able to discipline their child in any way they want UNLESS said discipline ends up in permanent injury or with marks like the one seen in the pictures released. From what I know from watching Peterson, the past almost decade he didn’t mean it to be this way.

However with all the facts that have been presented the Vikings, my favorite NFL team, almost have no choice but to release him and it will happen soon.

I am just as upset, if not more than the Sooner faithful. Someone I have always held in high regard, Adrian Peterson has upset me. I will always respect him and love him, but we all have to come to the understanding that what he did was wrong.