The Oklahoma Football program's top-10 moments from their 28 years in the Big 12

Well, Big 12, it's been fun. As you know, Monday, July 1, marks the Oklahoma football program's and the rest of the University's first official day as a member of the Southeastern Conference. So today, instead of bickering or arguing why or why not the Sooners should leave, let's celebrate their Big 12 past by ranking the program's top-10 moments as a member of the Big 12.
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6. October 9, 2004 - AD is born

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On October 9, 2004, Adrian Peterson delivered a sensational performance in the Red River Rivalry, leading the Oklahoma Sooners to a 12-0 victory over the Texas Longhorns. The freshman running back dominated the game, rushing for 225 yards on 32 carries against a stout Texas defense. Peterson's relentless running and ability to break tackles were on full display, as he consistently gained crucial yards to keep the Sooners' offense moving. His effort not only secured Oklahoma's fifth consecutive win over Texas but also solidified his status as one of the most dynamic and promising players in college football.

Before this game he was Adrian Peterson - After this game, and still to this day, he's AD.