Oklahoma basketball projected starting five after Jalon Moore withdraws from the NBA Draft

Porter Moser will be on the hot seat in 2024 and if Oklahoma can't get back to the NCAA Tournament, then it could be his last season in Norman. On Wednesday, Moser got good news when Jalon Moore announced he was returning to school.
Oklahoma Sooners forward Jalon Moore (14)
Oklahoma Sooners forward Jalon Moore (14) / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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Redshirt Senior. 6'3" 182 lbs. . . Duke Miles. SG. player. Duke Miles. Duke Miles. 464

Duke Miles is the most likely player on Oklahoma’s roster to supplement Elvis’s playmaking and could become the primary scoring option. Last year at High Point, Elvis averaged 17.5 points on 53/36/80 shooting splits with 3.6 assists a game. 

While Miles is a bit more prone to turnovers than Elvis, Moser may opt to put the ball in his hands almost as often because of his threat as a scorer. Last year, Oklahoma was a solid defensive team despite a slight and undersized backcourt of Javian McCollum and Milos Uzan, Moser’s latest roster construction only exacerbates that problem.

With Elvis at 6-foot-2 and Miles only 6-foot-3, Oklahoma will struggle to defend the athletic guards that often define SEC basketball. While the Big 12 is the superior league, the SEC might be even more physical and this Oklahoma backcourt may not be up to the fight.