O-line-U: Oklahoma football's claim as the offensive line capital of college football

Bold Statement: Oklahoma football has the greatest production of offensive line talent in CFB history. Here's proof.
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Oklahoma Football - O-line-U

Whenever a group of college football fans come together, they argue. We call it debate... but let's be honest, it's arguing. One of the best topics to 'debate,' even for casual college football fans, is the debate centered around who is "(name a position)-U." Do Oklahoma football fans have any legitimate arguments for this discussion?

This paragraph may get me into some heat, but here are the universities I feel deserve their position's moniker: QBU (Oklahoma), RBU (USC), TEU (Miami), WRU (LSU), DLU (Alabama), LBU (Alabama), DBU (LSU), EDGEU (THE Ohio State University), KickerU (who cares).

The most contentious debates occur over quarterbacks, wide receivers, and offensive line. Quarterbacks and wide receivers make for a debatable and fun argument. Offensive line, however, there is no question.

The University of Oklahoma is the offensive line capital of college football... period. Too many names, All-American lists, first-round picks, pro bowls, and All-Pros were born and raised in Norman to support the contrary.

"It's not what you know... it's what you can prove" - Detective Alonzo Harris (Denzel in Training Day). So, here's proof:

Since 1913, when the University of Oklahoma started officially tallying players named as an All-American, 58 Sooner offensive linemen have earned the honor. 26 of those All-Americans have been named a Consensus All-American. That is more than 7 SEC schools in total.

Davin Joseph, OKLAHOMA footbal
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During the Super Bowl era (1967-present), 56 Sooner offensive linemen were drafted into the NFL, 7 of whom were first-round picks. During the same period, 27 Pro Bowl selections were given to former Sooner offensive linemen.

Names like Greg Roberts, Jammal Brown, Davin Joseph, Phil Loadholt, and Duke Robinson come to mind. More recently, names Orlando Brown, Dru Samia, Cody Ford, and Ben Powers. But hold on, we haven't made it to the top yet.

The best right tackle in football right now is former Sooner Lane Johnson. Lane was an All-American at OU, a 5-time Pro Bowler, and a 2-time All-Pro in the NFL. Future Hall of Famer.

What about the best center in football? Easy... Creed Humphrey. Creed was a 2-time All-American and 2-time Big 12 Offensive lineman of the Year at OU. He is a 2-time Pro Bowler, All-Pro, and 2-time Superbowl Champion in the NFL.

Creed Humphrey, oklahoma footbal
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Former Sooner Trent Williams is the best-left tackler in football and one of the best overall football players in the world. Trent was a consensus All-American at OU, an 11-time Pro Bowler, and a 3-time All-Pro in the NFL. First ballot Hall of Famer, no doubt.

Both of the last two NFL Drafts have seen a Sooner offensive lineman drafted in the first round, too. In 2023, Jacksonville drafted Anton Harrison first, and in 2024, the Dallas Cowboys drafted Tyler Guyton in the first.

The Oklahoma football program currently has the most respected offensive line coach in the country, Bill Bedenbaugh. Coach B has a remarkable ability to develop offensive linemen and find a way to put together conference-leading offensive lines year in and year out. For no good reason, there's some doubt that he will do that again this year. I have complete confidence, as should the rest of Sooner Nation that he will find the five best guys and make the 2024 Sooner offensive line one of the SEC's best.

'Debate'/argue about receivers, defensive backs, or even tight ends. Quarterbacks always make good arguments. But when you come to the O-line-U debate, you can skip right and past it. Oklahoma has that one by a long stretch.