Boomer Sooner, the new song of the South - Where does the Oklahoma football program stack up with the SEC?

No, we're not the arrogant new guy who walks in the door and thinks he owns the place. Sooner Nation wouldn't dare say we run the show or the transition into the SEC is going to be easy. But, real recognizes real, and the Oklahoma football program's historic success ranks as one of the best in college football history.
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The New Guys

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As I was preparing this article, I heard an infamous Paul Finebaum caller say that OU needs to know their place. Basically this genius was warning the Sooners, and Longhorns, that life is about to change and both fanbases need to know their place at the bottom of the SEC. Although I agree that the SEC is a much tougher level of competition than the Big 12, I think these numbers speak for themselves.

Other than Alabama, Oklahoma has more national titles, Heismans, and consensus All-Americans than every other SEC program. Other than Georgia, who Oklahoma is tied with, the Sooners have more first-overall NFL Draft picks than any other SEC program. Finally, other than Alabama, Oklahoma has a higher all-time winning percentage (.726) than any other SEC program.

So yes, we (Sooner Nation) knows our place well. And aside from the Tide, the rest of the SEC knows it now too. Boomer!