4 Oklahoma basketball players who probably won’t be back next season

Porter Moser stayed put in Norman, but four key pieces on his roster are heading out the door this offseason, forcing the program into an unscheduled rebuild.

Oklahoma Sooners guard Milos Uzan (12)
Oklahoma Sooners guard Milos Uzan (12) / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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Junior. Javian McCollum, PG/SG. player. 464. 6'2" 160 lbs. . . Javian McCollum. 1. Javian McCollum, PG/SG

The Siena transfer was still capable of being a No. 1 scoring option in the Big 12, but his efficiency dropped off in a big way. As a 94.3% free throw shooter, he only shot 40.4% from the field and 31.4% from three. One of the big reasons is that he only made 25.6% of his catch-and-shoot jumpers while hitting 39.3% off the dribble. 

On the surface, it seemed like a perfect marriage between McCollum and Uzan, but if neither is capable of spacing the floor as a spot-up shooter, then the whole thing starts to fall apart. With his slight frame, McCollum will need to be next to another primary initiator with size like Uzan had, but this time it will need to be with an efficient three-point shooter. 

With Jalon Moore as his top returning scorer, Moser has his work cut out for him in the portal, but there are quite a few appealing options that could drag OU back into the NCAA Tournament next season if Moser can convince them that he truly is committed to winning in Norman.

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