4 Oklahoma basketball players who probably won’t be back next season

Porter Moser stayed put in Norman, but four key pieces on his roster are heading out the door this offseason, forcing the program into an unscheduled rebuild.

Oklahoma Sooners guard Milos Uzan (12)
Oklahoma Sooners guard Milos Uzan (12) / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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6'4" 193 lbs. Sophomore. Milos Uzan, PG. 2. . player. 464. Milos Uzan. . Milos Uzan, PG

Moser built a roster with a great group of guards, but he’ll have to start mostly from scratch this offseason. Along with Oweh and McCollum, Uzan is also entering the transfer portal. Uzan has started 56 games over his two years at Oklahoma, this year averaging 9.0 points, but only shooting 39.2% from the field and under 30% from three on 3.6 attempts per game. 

With his passing, Uzan is still clearly a high-major point guard and will get another chance at that level, but he needs a better fit and a team that can rehabilitate his shot if he wants to make the leap to the NBA. Uzan averaged 4.4 assists to 2.0 turnovers a game this year and generated 1.2 steals. With his size at 6-foot-4, he can be an effective player without a high-level jump shot, but not an NBA player. 

If a team can pair him with a high-level scorer who is a capable shooter, then he can have a great 2024-25 season away from Oklahoma. However, if he ends up in a situation with another guard who shoots right around 30% from three as McCollum did, then he’ll struggle and the loss won’t sting Moser and OU as badly. 

Still, Moser has to rebuild his entire backcourt because McCollum isn’t coming back either.