3 transfer portal targets for Porter Moser and Oklahoma basketball to rebuild the backcourt

Porter Moser hasn't taken Oklahoma to the NCAA Tournament in his three seasons in Norman, so his seat is heating up as the school transitions to the SEC. To compound the pressure, Moser has to replace his entire backcourt after three Sooners guards entered the transfer portal.
Virginia Tech Hokies guard Sean Pedulla (3)
Virginia Tech Hokies guard Sean Pedulla (3) / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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6'1" 185 lbs. Eligibility Remaining: 1. JP Pegues. player. 2468. JP Pegues. PG/SG. JP Pegues. .

Over his three years at Furman, Pegues learned how to be an efficient scorer as the primary ball-handler in pick-and-roll, but he’s at his best playing off the ball, working through screens and back cuts. He’d be the perfect combo guard for Porter Moser’s system. 

Moser hasn’t quite perfected his Loyola Chicago style at Oklahoma, but at its heart, Moser wants to play four or five-out offense with creative playmaking bigs and guards who are adept at playing off of them. That big isn’t on Oklahoma’s roster, but that doesn’t mean that Pegues wouldn’t still be a seamless fit. 

As a junior at Furman last year, he became the No. 1 option, which Oklahoma desperately needs, and he thrived. Pegues averaged 18.4 points while shooting 42% from the field and 38.2% from three. That’s not fantastic efficiency, but with the shot volume he was forced into, 7.6 three-point attempts a game, it’s hard to expect much more. 

The nice thing for Moser is that he has a relatively blank canvas to rebuild his backcourt and Pegues would be a perfect foundational piece that he can place a bigger more 3-and-D type guard next to, or lean into a player with more on-ball creation in their game to allow Pegues to play off the ball. Ironically, Pegues and Uzan would be a perfect pair.