Oklahoma football: Why the doubters are all wrong about Kyler Murray

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After nearly a month of being a top story in the news cycle, it’s time to put the Kyler Murray hyper-criticism to rest.

In the world of the 24-hour news cycle, the “hot take” is king. And what hotter take can someone have than knocking a dynamic two-sport athlete and reigning Heisman Trophy winner’s NFL readiness? Since Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray made his intention to play football known, he has become the talk of the town and not always in a good way.

The doubters have all come out of the woodwork, finding every possible roadblock to Kyler Murray becoming an NFL quarterback. Don’t worry Kyler, it’s nothing persona. There’s not much else to talk about in the world of football in February. Sports websites need clicks, newspapers must be filled and those 60-minute talking-head shows need fodder for faux arguments.

But those familiar with the Oklahoma football program can’t help but laugh off the doubters. Sooner fans just saw Kyler Murray put together one of the greatest single season in program history. He was a transcendent player who had to follow another transcendent player and did it with the kind of style and grace that wins you a Heisman Trophy.

So let’s dive into the murky waters of hot takes and address the Kyler Murray criticisms head on in an attempt to help put them to bed.

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