Oklahoma football: With all its recent success, why don’t the Sooners have a 2020 QB yet?

DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 14: Baker Mayfield
DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 14: Baker Mayfield /
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With back-to-back Heisman winners and what is likely to be two-straight first-round picks at the quarterback position, Oklahoma football has become the go-to destination for top-flight quarterbacks in the country.

The Sooners have a top-notch offensive line and one of the best receiver groups in recent memory all in place for a young signal caller to come in and take advantage of, not to mention the proven play-calling and coaching acumen of Lincoln Riley.

So why then, don’t the Sooners have a signal caller in line yet for their 2020 class yet? The quarterback is an essential part to any program’s recruiting class for a given year, not only to lock up the position, but provide a face for the group and help bring in other recruits.

Lincoln Riley has generally shored up his quarterback commit early in the cycle outside of a late decomittment from Cameron Rising in 2017 that led to Oklahoma getting Tanner Mordecai the summer before his senior year, Oklahoma football has known who they will sign at the position going into spring football.

So what’s taking so long this year? And should Sooner fans be concerned?

Here’s a look at the reasons Oklahoma football doesn’t have a 2020 quarterback yet.