Oklahoma football: 8 moments that got Kyler to New York

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Kyler Murray has a chance to become the Sooners’ fourth Heisman Trophy winner this century and eighth overall this Saturday night at the Downtown Athletic Club.

The electrifying junior Oklahoma quarterback has put up historic numbers for the Oklahoma offense. He is the first player in the history of college football to average 300 passing yards and 60 rushing yards in a season.

He has thrown for 4,053 yards and 40 touchdowns and rushed for another 892 and 11 scores. Should the Sooners play two more games he could become the first Oklahoma quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards since the days of the Wishbone in Norman.

While the numbers themselves are mind boggling, the Heisman trophy often comes down to specific moments. The Heisman winner makes highlight plays that define an entire season of college football.

Murray’s first – and likely only – full season as the Sooners’ starter was full of those moments. Here are the eight plays that put Murray in line to become the Sooners’ eighth Heisman Trophy winner this weekend.

21-yard run vs. FAU

With the score still tied 0-0 and the Sooners driving, Murray dropped back to pass and saw nobody open. He scrambled to his right, but the Florida Atlantic defense had moved down the line to cut off the potential run. Rather than give up on the play he stopped, reversed his field and sprinted to the left. He beat two Owl defenders who had an angle on him and made it around the corner for a 21-yard gain. Had he not lost his footing turning the corner there’s a very good chance that he breaks it for a touchdown.

What it meant: Yes, Murray made bigger plays in bigger moments as the season progressed, but this established him early on as a playmaker. His ability to create when the design breaks down is what makes him so dangerous and makes the Sooners’ offense almost unstoppable. The Sooners would go on to romp the Owls 63-14.

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