Baker Mayfield’s trash talk awakens sleeping Bears

NORMAN, OK - OCTOBER 15: Quarterback Baker Mayfield
NORMAN, OK - OCTOBER 15: Quarterback Baker Mayfield /

There’s no doubt that Baker Mayfield is confident. In fact, Mayfield’s flat-out cocky at times, and is not shy about letting players on the opposing team know about it.

Baylor’s tough game against the heavily favored Sooners was a surprise to just about everyone who follows college football. The Bears, losers of three consecutive games to start the season — and against teams that aren’t that good — were not expected to pose much of a problem for the surging Sooners, who rolled into Waco as the nation’s third-ranked team..

But it certainly didn’t turn out that way. And as fate would have it, Mayfield himself may have had a bit to do with firing up the Bears.

Mayfield’s trash talk a motivator?

According to an article in the Waco Tribune, Baker Mayfield was overhead telling some Baylor players “You forgot who daddy is”, and “I’m going to have to spank you today”. And sure enough, the report goes on to say that Mayfield’s trash talking quickly spread throughout the Baylor Bear sideline.

It’s difficult to say for sure how much Mayfield’s banter contributed to a sudden and unexpected Baylor resurgence that could have cost the Sooners their season. Sitting at 0-3, Baylor was a team desperately looking for a sign that their fortunes were going to turn around at some point. And this team isn’t completely bereft of talent, so the potential for vastly improved play was always there.

But suffice it to say that any time a player gives an opponent motivational material, whatever satisfaction was derived from the trash talk pales in comparison to the prospect of facing an opponent bent on making the trash talker eat his words.

Baker Mayfield is a tremendous leader and is the key component behind the Sooners’ recent on-the-field success. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. But shouldn’t Mayfield be a bit more circumspect with his banter, especially when it serves no purpose other than motivating an opponent?

As the quarterback, Mayfield is the leader and face of the team. Perhaps it’s time for the Sooner quarterback to take those leadership responsibilities a bit more seriously, at least when it comes to jawing at an opposing team.

No one should question Mayfield’s skills and heart; he plays with a level of intensity that is truly a sight to behold, and that never-say-die style of play has taken Oklahoma football to a whole new level.

That said, if Mayfield wants to move on next year and get a chance to play on Sundays, he will have to curb his enthusiasm and avoid letting his emotions get the best of him.

NFL scouts are watching, and players who allow their emotions to trigger less than helpful outbursts that motivate the opposition will see their draft stock take a hit. No one wants to take away Mayfield’s passion and drive for the game; but he’s got to be smarter about how he handles his business, especially right before kickoff.