Oklahoma Sooners football: Which player has been OU’s MVP on defense?


I’ve struggled with this question this past week.

Who has been the most valuable player on Oklahoma’s 2014 defense?

A few names come to mind, but none of them truly stick for me. So I decided to ask our Twitter followers what they thought on the matter.

I’ll agree, Eric Striker has still been disruptive and led the team in sacks. It’s not been a bad year for Striker, but it definitely wasn’t the “First Team All-American” season we were anticipating.

With 99 tackles, Dominique Alexander obviously deserves praise. Oklahoma’s depth at linebacker has been thin, and Alexander has done everything he can to fill in the shoes of the suspended Frank Shannon. Though, I’m not sure his name has really stuck out to most fans.

Another vote for Striker. Once again, he’s been good and still brings a different element to the Oklahoma defense. Though, as a group, the consistency was not always there with the defense.

I think I tend to agree most with Cameron. While there hasn’t been someone who’s really set themselves apart from the rest of the defense, Sanchez’s numbers are impressive for just a sophomore just taking the reigns of the secondary.

Probably my favorite answer. However, not to point any fingers, but it would’ve been nicer to have a more balanced offensive attack this season.

Phillips definitely an underrated aspect to OU’s defense. The Sooners definitely missed him in 2013, but he definitely made his presence felt in his return.

One more for Sanchez.

And then Joshua said what was on everyone’s mind…

Definitely some great answers. However, let’s take a vote on our nominees. Leave us a comment as well telling us your thoughts on who’s been the defense’s MVP this season.