Game Notes: Oklahoma Sooners’ play is inexcusable


Every week I’ll give you some of the notes from what I’ve learned, and thoughts on the game.

It was a big and painful pill to swallow today after the horrific 48-14 home loss to Baylor, now it’s time to dissect it.

  • Trevor Knight could easily be a track star with his hurdle over the Bears’ defense
  • Michiah Quick stepped up for Shepherd (Injured – DNP) in a big way grabbing his first ever touchdown as a Sooner
  • Defense is still giving up easy third down play, and more importantly, fourth downs.
  • Hunnicutt seems to have lost a whole lot of confidence as he missed a 31 yard field goal
  • After the two touchdowns scored by the Sooners, they fell asleep and went MIA after the first quarter
  • Defense was inexcusable, allowing 45 straight Baylor points
  • Offense was inexcusable as well going idle after the first quarter and never really got anything going other than a few explosive runs that resulted in zero points for Oklahoma
  • Trevor Knight might have just benched himself with his poor decisions. Knight hasn’t been the same since the Sugar Bowl, but it’s not entirely his fault.
  • Oklahoma is officially out of the Playoff picture (They were out after the loss to TCU)

After halftime was when the onslaught started, it was when I lost it (who didn’t) even the fans booed…

  • The defensive backs were giving the Baylor receivers EIGHT YARDS OF SPACE from the line of scrimmage. Which lead to two Baylor touchdowns to open up the second half.
  • Not only were the fans upset and furious at the defense, the players were chewing the Stoops’ brothers on the sideline after the first Baylor touchdown.
  • The offensive line thought this game was against Texas Tech, they weren’t physical and allowed Baylor to get to Knight, and didn’t provide the holes the running backs needed.
  • Is John Blake calling plays again? Sure looks like it, the offense and defensive calls were ludicrous and unacceptable, and when the fans booed the team off of the field you knew what was going to happen. Fans called for the coaching staff’s heads.

It is understandable that fans would call for a resignation of some sort or even an admission from the coaches that the play calling stinks.

  • Josh Heupel still thinks Trevor Knight has a strong arm in the pocket.
  • Defense stopped bringing pressure on Bryce Petty in the middle of the second quarter when the game got out of control and out of reach for the offense.
  • Mike Stoops defensive play calling is questionable
  • This was Oklahoma’s worst home loss in 17 years.
  • First time in the Bob Stoops era that his team lost back to back home games.

In all honesty, this team hasn’t been the same since the 2000 National Championship. All the teams have been hyped up to this point, and I think I’ve learned my lesson. Truth be told Stoops won a National Title using recruits that John Blake brought in during his tenure. And with a new stadium about to open ground, hopefully OU’s get some promising talent that the coaching staff actually uses right.

I’m frustrated like every fan is, I lash out and criticize the team because the little mistakes cost them in the long run. The coaching staff is entirely to blame for this whole debacle, ludicrous play calling has led this very talented team to a 6-3 record.