Oklahoma Sooners football: Three keys to victory against the Kansas State Wildcats


Oklahoma fans have changed their tune tremendously since Oklahoma beat West Virginia in Morgantown. What once was the “most impressive team in college football,” Oklahoma has developed more and more question marks as the season’s progressed.

OU hosts the Kansas State Wildcats tomorrow, and in order to beat Bill Snyder and a quality ‘Cats team, Oklahoma will need to shrug off the rust and reassert their dominance as one of college football’s best teams.

Here’s how they might do it:

1. Set the tone early

Both Texas and TCU punched OU right in the mouth, and it’s forced the Sooners to play from behind. Oklahoma hasn’t played in Norman in quite some time, but they can’t come out flat come Saturday morning.

The defense had its troubles with the Longhorns and Horned Frogs, and the Wildcats are just as good—if not better. OU’s defense really can’t wait for halftime to make adjustments if they want to beat K-State. This is a quality 2014 KSU squad, and this could be a statement win for their season.

If the offense grabs the ball first, hopefully Josh Heupel will try to snatch the momentum from the get-go. Playing conservative is great when you’re up by a few touchdowns in the fourth quarter, but Oklahoma needs to figure out how to operate for a full 60 minutes.

2. Let Trevor be Trevor

It can’t be said enough, but Josh Heupel needs to stop forcing Trevor Knight in to this pocket passer role. It’s like if the Thunder asked Russell Westbrook to play post. He’s probably strong enough to do it, but it’s a recipe for a disaster.

Trevor Knight was touted as one of the best quarterbacks of the season. His stock has fallen, but Oklahoma can regain some of its steam if Knight can put together a solid four quarters of football, because the last two games have been very hard to stomach.

3. Eliminate the “big play”

The defense was regarded as one of the best in the country. They still might be, but Oklahoma has to eliminate the big plays from Kansas State. The Sooners have to avoid letting up the spectacular plays, and it really starts with the secondary.

Oklahoma surely knows to prepare for pass-happy offenses, and for the most part, it’s been a good year so far statistically. However, all of Zack Sanchez’s interceptions don’t take away from a few downs where opposing receivers are wide open and reeling in catches. K-State will try to make the Sooners pay for their secondary, but it’s time Sanchez and Co. shut up the critics.