Oklahoma football: Sooners win unsatisfying Red River Showdown


That is about all that can be said. Before I go much further, allow me a moment to throw up a face palm.


I’m good. Oklahoma came out of the Red River Rivalry game with the victory over the Longhorns of Texas. Charlie Strong got his first taste of the pageantry, and the craziness that is involved. This game, was no different than the other’s before it. First off, for Oklahoma to have only 29 yards of total offense in the first half is UNACCEPTABLE. This is the same defense that just got ran over by BYU.

Not trying to take away from what BYU did, but Oklahoma has a much larger offensive line. I saw no push from them most of the game. A strength of this team, didn’t perform at all. Which with out the push, that put the game on the passing games shoulders. That didn’t work out so well until the second half. Trevor Knight only was able to produce 129 yards through the air, on 12/20 passing and a touchdown. Unacceptable.

The defense did give up some play’s and points, but really what do you expect? An offense that is going three and out, were 0/9 on third down’s prior to  the first conversion even happened. The defense was still producing despite losing the conversion, and time of possession battles. Also the special teams made a big play. A pick six from Zach Sanchez, and Alex Ross returning a 91 yard kickoff return for a touchdown after Texas scored 3 points on their first drive. Those scores made the difference in this game.

I am going to channel my inner Jim Traber, and just say it. THIS TEAM IS IN BIG, BIG TROUBLE! The offense looks just non existent. The play calling continues to be predictable. David Ubben disagreed, which I respectfully disagreed with him.

When you run “run up the middle” 10 time’s in a row, if it didn’t work the first 9 times, whats the chances it will work the 10th? If the defense know’s whats coming, shame on them for not being able to stop it. I can’t quite put my finger on why the offense is struggling like they are. Play calling is defiantly a major factor. But is it because the team has some serious problems on offense. Lack of throwing options? Or, could it be, Coach Heupal lost his way on calling the plays. As the season has gone on, it seems like the Oklahoma offense has progressively gone away from their strengths.

Trevor Knight, happens to be a strength they got a way from. Now I know what you’re saying. Wait weren’t you just saying that the play of Trevor Knight was unacceptable. Yes, but, I say that because of the fact that Trevor Knight is NOT a pocket passer. He is a running quarterback who is probably going to give you 60-65% completion percentage or so if allowed to do his thing. Right now, he is hovering around 55% completion.

Knight is a roll out passer, and a runner. That is how he should be used. You do that, then that opens up the run game. Defense’s are committing to stop Perine and Ross, simply because they are not afraid of Knight throwing from the pocket. Roll out the quarterback away from the pressure. I don’t know when or if it will happen. But if Oklahoma expects to be in the CFP discussion, then let Knight do what Knight does best. If you try that and it fails, then this offense really has a problem.

However, it hasn’t been tried. The handcuffs on Knight. That’s the play calling. That’s on Heupel. If the struggles continue, if you are Coach Stoops, you have to look at possibly making a change. This was a team with high expectations and a lot of hype. The offense needs to pick it up, either by different play calling, or different play caller. If those changes are made and Knight happens to not perform, perhaps changing there as well. At this point, I am good with either happening. I also, hope Coach Stoops is looking at this after today. As of today, I am going to have to be shown, this team, is a playoff contender.