Bob Stoops Presser: Updates on Charles Tapper injury and Baker Mayfield status


OU head coach Bob Stoops spoke with the media Monday following the Oklahoma Sooners’ 45-33 win over West Virginia. Here are a few highlights from Stoops’ press conference.

First, an update on Charles Tapper’s injury.

If you were unaware, Charles Tapper went down late in the game. It appears it was just exhaustion, though, it could be dangerous to Tapper’s health if he is over-exhausted.

It was reported that a decision on Baker Mayfield could come as soon as last Friday. It appears Stoops did receive a bit of information.

This is pure speculation, but Stoops seemed to have a positive tone when asked about Baker Mayfield’s status. Not to mislead anyone, this is just a guess and not fact, Stoops could possibly be waiting for the Big 12 to approve Mayfield’s eligibility. Both the NCAA and Big 12 need to sign off on the waiver. I would say things are looking good, but once again, purely speculation.

UPDATE (9/22/14, 4:30 P.M.): Dean Blevins is reporting Baker Mayfield has been granted his eligibility and can play immediately.  

From what our sources are telling us, we should hear some positive things about Ford later today or in the week. Doesn’t appear to be too serious of an injury.

So if you are a little frustrated with Knight’s limited role in the run game, Stoops provided a little bit of insight on Trevor’s situation.

We all know Knight can run the ball, but it appears Stoops doesn’t want to see his starting quarterback scrambling often. It makes sense considering OU’s lack of depth at quarterback. Also, telling by the play-calling, Oklahoma wants teams to respect their passing attack.

A player that has went under-the-radar a bit is Quentin Hayes. Stoops commented on his speed and contributions.

Well, as long as the players and recruits like them. They are growing on me.

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