Twitter Tuesday: Oklahoma Sooners “bringing the wood” Saturday?


Something we’d like to do regularly is take questions from our awesome Twitter followers. We’re not going to be too picky, but we want to keep them mainly to college football and the Oklahoma Sooners.

You guys submitted some really good ones, so let’s get right into it.

JB: Great question to start off the series. First, I’m not sure in what parallel universe I could hold up Keith Ford AND Alex Ross at the same time. Second, this is like picking a favorite child. But, for the sake of the question, I’d probably say Keith Ford. I really like Alex Ross’ size and speed, but minus a few fumbles, I feel like Ford has the better intangibles and does more with less.

JB: Yes. Pete Moris somewhat hinted the uniforms would be brought out this weekend last night. It just makes sense with the game being on national television and so many recruits visiting Norman this weekend.

UPDATE (9/9/14, 2:54 PM): According to The Football Brainiacs, OU will wear their traditional home uniforms this weekend.

JB: Oh, man. This is tough. Probably Durron Neal. Trevor Knight was making him work for his catches Saturday, but he’s shown some good athletic ability I don’t think he put on full display last season. He’s re-adjusting to make the play, and he’s really setting himself apart as OU’s second best receiving option.

JB: I’d assume they go with the crimson tops, cream bottoms, and white helmets. That’s one of the combinations they showed at the unveiling, and I think it’s the best alternate look for the Sooners at home.

JB: There’s a good chance, no doubt. I think Knight is fortunate to play with a really good group. He’s definitely got a better defense than Landry Jones had at OU. If Oklahoma can’t get the job done this season, they might be able to contend next year if they can keep most of their corps in tack, which could include Baker Mayfield, Joe Mixon, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Frank Shannon. It’s tough to answer so early in the season, though.

JB: I haven’t seen the Joe Mixon tape, and I’m in no place to judge either situation. I’ll say this, I think a year suspension was the only option for Oklahoma. If they went with a one or two game suspension, and the video leaked sooner than expected, the public outrage would probably be about the same as it is for Ray Rice. Neither is a good situation. Just don’t hit women, and this can all be avoided. I wish the best of luck to both individuals to move past this, though. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Most of us just aren’t multi-millionaires or highly touted recruits.

JB: It’s never a bad thing to worry, especially if the opposite action is to be overconfident. I don’t think the secondary is “proven” quite yet. A healthy Zack Sanchez and Julian Wilson can hopefully keep up with Tennessee’s athletic receiving corps, but I think this weekend will tell a lot about OU’s defense. The Sooner secondary has looked good through two games, but I expect them to be tested by Justin Worley.

JB: It will be somewhat close. At this point, I like the Oklahoma Sooners to win 31-17. The Vols are a young team. OU definitely has the advantage with a ruckus home crowd behind them and this OU team has played on big stages before. It won’t be a cakewalk, but the Sooners pull away in the fourth to improve to 3-0.

Thanks for the questions, everyone!

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