Top Five Oklahoma Sooner Running Backs of the BCS Era

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1. Adrian Peterson (2004-2006)

Stats: 4,041 rushing yards, 41 rushing touchdowns

Accomplishments: Second in 2004 Heisman Trophy voting, 2004 Consensus All-American, 2004 and 2006 Big 12 Champion

He was a cheat code. He was a man amongst boys. Adrian Peterson was truly robbed of his moment in 2004 as the first true freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.

Peterson was a superstar from his first game to his last. No one could stop him, only try to contain him. Peterson was a joy to watch as a Sooner fan.

He helped Oklahoma get to the National Title Game, but injuries prevented Peterson from his full potential in college. While he is the best running back in the NFL right now, there is no telling what Peterson could have done if he could have avoided the injuries.

Also, Peterson played on one of Bob Stoops’ worst teams of the era. 2005 was not a kind year to the Sooners, and Peterson carried most of the load. Regardless, whether you love or hate Stoops, he brought one of the best to ever play the game to Norman, and his talents will live forever in the memories of the Sooner faithful.