Top Five Oklahoma Sooners Quarterbacks of the BCS Era

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The BCS Era has come to a close, so before the College Football Playoff Era begins, we will be taking a look back at some of the best OU had to offer during the era the computers controlled.

As Sooner fans, Oklahoma has been spoiled with talented quarterbacks. Two Heisman Trophy winners. Seven combined Big 12 Championships. Four different quarterbacks led Oklahoma to one of each of the BCS Bowl Games. Three led the team to multiple National Championship appearances. Though, only one got the job done.

The BCS Era was good to Oklahoma. Bob Stoops had a plethora of guys who helped OU re-establish its power in college football. So we decided to rank the five best. This was tough, and just one man’s opinion. So please don’t pelt me with 2014 Sugar Bowl Championship DVD’s if you do not like my take.

So without further ado, here is the (totally not) definitive top five Oklahoma BCS Era quarterbacks.

Note: The quarterback’s years have been adjusted to when they contributed and played the most. In other words, I did not attribute 1999 to Jason White’s career, because he only attempted two passes that season.