It is your time, Trevor Knight


When I was planning this article, I had hoped the tone would be different. I was hopeful that we could join in celebration with our friends at Thunderous Intentions after Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook brought Oklahoma its first NBA championship.

However that was not to be the case as the San Antonio Spurs won the Western Conference Finals in six games. Some of us are also questioning the whereabouts of our editor and noted Spurs fanatic Joe Buettner during Game One of the Spurs and Heat series when A/C-gate took place.

Now that the sting of losing in the NBA Western Conference Finals has gone away, Oklahoman’s pulling for the Oklahoma City Thunder to win it all now go their separate ways to focus on college football—rooting for either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.

For those of us who root for Oklahoma, there is plenty to be excited about. Oklahoma has scored several key 2015 class pick-ups this past week. Oklahoma continues to ride high during season preparations after the Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama.

With the number of returning starters on defense, as well as the players who are having good spring and summer camps, the team is looking to be primed for a successful 2014 season. Not to mention, not only the road to the National Championship goes through Norman, but, also, when its all said and done, the championship, ends up in Norman. Oklahoma has a championship caliber defense. They also have a powerful offensive line.

The leader of this team, Trevor Knight, needs consistent performances, like the one he had against a supposedly overly dominate SEC team during the course of the regular season.

I believe he will. Oklahoma has experience on the offensive line, which most of the starters faced the defensive front seven of Alabama and won. With protection like that, Trevor Knight only has one thing to worry about. Making plays. Both with his feet, and in the air.

He has the capability. During the 2013 season he averaged 6.6 yards per carry on the ground, and completed right at 60 percent of his passes. As accurate as he looked overall against Alabama, he should have no problem putting up fantastic numbers this next season. Knight completed 72 percent of his passes against the Crimson Tide.

He also played well against a hot Kansas State team in the Little Apple completing 70 percent of his passes in that game. There are some question marks at running back due to the lack of overall experience. But with the play of the offensive line, Knight, running alongside with Keith Ford, Alex Ross, and incoming freshman Joe Mixon, should be a force on the ground once again.

The parts are there. Trevor Knight is the guy, he showed us why at the final part of the 2013 campaign. If Oklahoma takes care of business during the regular season, then the Sooners could very well be hoisting the new National Title trophy, capturing OU’s eighth national title. That starts with the leader on the field, that starts with Trevor Knight. It is your time.