Oklahoma, Texas football game gets new name


In the month of April, there are few things that will really set off any type of debate amongst OU football fans.

I mean, there’s no games to grind our gears enough to call in to WWLS The Sports Animal. And this time of year is that somewhat grace period of caring about college basketball, because of the tournament, and watching NBA, because Oklahomans do that now.

Anyway, as from the tweet above, Oklahoma and Texas’ annual rivalry game in Dallas has a new name.

The new “Red River Showdown” rebrands the game once known as the Red River Rivalry.

Honestly, “rivalry” is not a good enough descriptor for this contest between two schools that really hate each other.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the “Red River Shootout,” which was replaced by “Red River Rivalry.” Regardless, let’s just be happy the game is still at the Cotton Bowl—for now.

"“AT&T Inc., the University of Oklahoma and The University of Texas announced Friday the updated name as part of a brand refresh for the series, which includes a new game logo and individual team marks.” (SoonerSports.com)"

I find it funny the game warranted a brand refresh. I mean Oklahoma’s dominance over Texas this decade definitely made the game stale enough to where no one gave the Horns a chance in last year’s Red River upset.

It is a new era for the Horns, as Charlie Strong enters his first season as the team’s head coach. However, it’s just a silly marketing scheme that will no doubt get people worked up over nothing.

Let’s take a look at what real people are saying on Twitter!

“sounds stupid”

“is this a late April Fool’s joke?! WTF?”

“It’s stupid. Why does @ATT get to change it from Red River Rivalry or Red River Shootout?? #stupid_stupid_stupid”

“What in the holy hell?….”

“sounds chesssssay”

“that logo is looking suspiciously similar to an at&t cowboys stadium theme. don’t do it.” (I think this guy is on to something.)

“Just change it back to Shootout and quit being PC pansies about it.”

“nope… Red River Shootout! 10 yrs from now they’ll try to call it the Red River Pillow Fight… not for me.”

Happy Friday everyone.