Report: Bob Stoops “open” to coaching in the NFL


Sep 14, 2013; Norman, OK, USA; Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops reacts during the game against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane at Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sooner Nation is in a panic. Apparently, Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops is—wait for it—OPEN TO COACHING IN THE NFL?!

You read that correctly, folks. According to the following tweet, Bob Stoops would actually consider leaving the University of Oklahoma for the professional football ranks.

Now why is this a story? Why are people making a big deal out of it? Slow news day comes to mind.

However, anyone shocked that Bobby Stoops would leave OU for an NFL job are the same people who think that Kevin Durant will stay with the Thunder for his entire career.

Not saying he won’t, but if they don’t win a title soon, don’t be surprised when he teams up with LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Andrew Wiggins, and Michael Jordan to win the Charlotte


Hornets fifteen consecutive NBA titles.

A bit of an exaggeration? Yes. But you get my point.

OU is one of the best jobs in the country. Stoops took the program from a very dark time and made them in to a regular contender. Though, it appears if the right job came along, Stoops would consider handing in his crimson shirt for one with an NFL logo.

There are a few openings, including one in Houston, Texas. Although, Penn State’s Bill O’Brien is rumored to be on the Texans’ radar.

Regardless, the NFL has some head coaching spots vacant, and if Bob Stoops wanted to further his career by coaching professional football, then by all means, let him pursue what I’m sure would be a dream come true.

Yes, it would be hard to see Stoops leave and to experience the pains of a coaching search. Though, Stoops has done a lot for the program and it’s not like he’s being fired midseason and being kicked off the team bus at Will Rodgers airport.

No, Stoops has to do what’s best for his career, and while I don’t necessarily see him leaving any time in the near future, coaches move on and OU fans need to realize this.