2014 Sugar Bowl Hype Song (Alabama Diss)


Sooner fans, get hyped for the 2014 Allstate Sugar Bowl with this track talking a little trash to the Alabama Crimson Tide. This is all in good fun, just a fun way to get everyone excited for the game. Boomer! Download for FREE

Got another game, We got another game
We cannot complain, we cannot
I don’t even know how we got here but we are
Yeah we are, Beat Bama, Boomer Sooner
We in that B-C-S
Came up, that’s OU
Stay true, that’s OU
A little help, them fans do
OU’s for real
Came up, that’s OU
Stay true, that’s OU
little help, them fans do
OU’s for real

Yo we going to the Sugar Bowl
Crimson Tide ain’t ready
Not married to the BCS
Last time, we going steady

Put the past behind us
study film, we did all nighters
The defense finna ball out
Who you got to cover Eric Striker?

Or Dominique or Frank Shannon
we got Aaron Colvin and Gabe Lynn
make way when he run it back
Saunders, that’s Jalen

Pass game, is insane
Sterling Shepard too dirty
Trevor Knight or Blake Bell
Watch OU hang at least 30

Power through, sup Brennan Clay
Getting blocks from Gabe Ikard
One loss on the year
How it come to the Auburn tigers?

start praying, get out ya bible
We need one more outta josh Heupel
thank you based god
OU beat their instate rival
(Suck it Pokes)


Nompton, we too turnt
So clean, crimson shirt
Tapper bringing the hurt
and Saban’s on life alert

Safe travels to your fans
Ya not too far from Tuscaloosa
heard of back-to-back losses?
just let us introduce ya

What up AJ McCarron
Last time that you roll Tide
Almost committed to OU,
you should have joined the winning side

You landed Katherine Webb,
I’m guessing with those Crystal Balls
but Bob Stoops coming to New Orleans to haunt all of y’all

The way that Sooner dline coming
Thought they hit list
Tis the season and this how
Roy Finch stole Christmas

Trick play, for days,
Watch out LaColtan Bester
Oklahoma win or lose
We raging all semester

y’all remember 02 and 03,
Y’all can take your pick
The only joke is Bama
ha ha clinton dix

NOLA, no problem
Sorry ya season ending tragic
Bama going down
No answer to Sooner Magic