Heisman Trophy Recipients: Plaguing OU since 2011


Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron (10) signals at the line of scrimmage during the first quarter against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Typically, I would do my annual “If I had a Heisman ballot” piece, but there is no point. Jameis Winston is coming away with the award tomorrow night, and no one will really argue it, unless you cheer for any of the schools with another candidate.

However, something I’ve noticed is a trend with Heisman Trophy winners. In particular, Heisman Trophy winners have been a huge pain in the neck to the Oklahoma Sooners.

OU has faced the past two winners—Robert Griffin III in 2011 and Johnny Manziel in 2012. Both players were, as most OU fans would love to forget, victorious against OU.

As bowl season nears, the Heisman Trophy presentation is one thing that stands in the way of the teams bowling and their final tests of the season.

Oklahoma faces the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, who just so happen to have Heisman finalist AJ McCarron.

Now, McCarron would have a better case for the award if Alabama did not allow Auburn to return a missed field goal for a walk-off touchdown in one of the craziest finishes in college football history.

However, until it is official, McCarron “has a shot.”

He has certainly been one of the best players in the nation and came so close to getting Alabama back to the SEC Championship game.

He will be one of the best quarterback prospects in next year’s draft, and if the voters are thinking lifetime achievement award, McCarron would be a lock for the trophy.

But Jameis Winston has been too impressive, winning over the entire nation with his big smile and undefeated record in his first year as Florida State’s starting quarterback.

Just for fun, though, let’s say McCarron wins the award. It would be the third consecutive year OU has been pitted against the Heisman Trophy winner and McCarron would arguably be the toughest challenge amongst the likes of RG3 and Johnny Football.

To say OU does not play elite competition wouldn’t be fair. Oklahoma has been against the best of the best, and even if McCarron doesn’t walk a winner tomorrow night, they still have one of the nation’s best quarterbacks to deal with in New Orleans.

Catch the presentation Saturday, December 14 at 7 P.M. CST on ESPN.