Big XII Power Rankings


Nov 17, 2012; Waco, TX, USA; Baylor Bears running back Glasco Martin (8) celebrates scoring a touchdown during the game against the Kansas State Wildcats at Floyd Casey Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

At this point in the season it seems to me that the Big XII is wide open, but this is my view on the Big XII from my seat here in Norman.

1. Baylor

The Bears have not been stopped til this point in the season and although they were challenged this week on the road against Kansas State. I believe that they will continue to roll on the wheels of their powerful offense.

2. Texas Tech

Tech has quietly rolled to an undefeated start this season and I think they will contend for the Big XII Title. I believe we will really get to see what they are made of in the coming weeks when they play Oklahoma in Norman and Baylor.

3. Oklahoma State

After an embarrassing loss to West Virginia some may question why I put the Cowboys here. I simply think that they are still a good team and they will give anybody else in the Big XII trouble.

4. Texas

I hate to put Texas above Oklahoma, but the Longhorns may have finally turned a corner. If the defense and running game continue to be success like they did at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday the Longhorns could become the team to beat in the Big XII.

5. Oklahoma

With the loss of Corey Nelson the Sooners may have some trouble adjusting on defense. Hopefully the defense will be able to slow down the spread offenses it was designed to stop. I do think that this is possible even with the gashing that Texas gave them on Saturday.

6. TCU

TCU has struggled offensively throughout this season, but with a defense of that caliber they will get a few wins in the Big XII.

7. West Virginia

Up til this point in the season West Virginia may be the most inconsistent team in the Big XII, they managed to pull out a huge win against OSU, but got smoked by Maryland. Hopefully they figure out some kind of identity on offense cause I think this could be a dangerous team.

8. Kansas State

KState has played two different quarterbacks this season and I think that for this reason they have struggled to find an identity as an offense. They were able to hold Baylor’s offense to only 35 points so there is some positive for this team.

9. Iowa State

ISU has been unable to get a win against another Big XII team, but they have proved to be a tough team to beat against Tech and Texas they could make some noise later on in the season.

10. Kansas

Kansas has taken a big step forward from last year, and lets face it they have some cool jersey combinations.  However, while down the road this may benefit the program I do not believe they will prove difficult for any other Big XII team, but I would love them to prove me wrong.