5 Best Memories From the Red River Rivalry


OCT 13, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Oklahoma Sooner quarterback Blake Bell (10) celebrates a fourth quarter touchdown with tight end Brannon Green (82) against the Texas Longhorns during the red river rivalry at the Cotton Bowl. The Sooners beat the Longhorns 63-21. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Growing up in West Texas I was very familiar with the Red River Rivalry. Most of my friends were Texas fans, so I normally stood out as the only kid wearing crimson at the watch parties we had. Here are my top 5 best memories from the Red River Rivalry, they are not in any particular order.

West End the night before the game

Last year was my first year to actually attend the game in person. The night before my friends and I went to the West end in downtown Dallas. I have never been in that part of town before, but I have to say that has to be one of the best atmospheres that I have ever been a part of. There is a ton of trash talking going on the night before the game with a sea of crimson going down one side of the street and a sea of burnt orange going down the other. I think that the night before the game lends to the atmosphere that makes the Red River Rivalry the best rivalry in college football.

Damien Williams touchdown 2012

I have to admit my seats sucked for my first trip to the game, the very top of the stadium on the 30 yard line. This run however was one of my favorite memories from any Red River game. I was sitting next to an guy that had graduated from UT in 1973 he provided insight into what it was like to be a Texas fan at a game like this. My favorite part of the whole run was Kenny Stills block on the Texas corner, that block created the room needed for Damien to take it all the way. I remember it being completely silent right at the beginning of the play and the crimson side of the stadium slowly growing into a frenzy as Damien streaked down the sideline.

Roy Williams Superman play

Now please forgive my exact memory on this play I was only in second grade when that game actually took place. The main part that I remember is watching the game with my parents and it being quiet in my house when the snap was taken. My father had mentioned the possibly of a safety and as soon as he finished his sentence Roy Williams had cleared the offensive line and Teddy Lehman caught the ball and ran into the end zone. My parents jumped off the couch and yelled Boomer Sooner. This is perhaps my first memory of the Red River Rivalry and one of my favorites.

Adrian Peterson Freshman performance

I watched this game from my best friend’s house, he was and still is the biggest University of Texas fan I know. He had been ragging on me all day about how his Texas Longhorns would not allow Adrian Peterson the freshman sensation to gain any yards against them. Peterson ended the game with 225 yards rushing. The rush from inside the 5 yard line is the one I remember the best with Peterson almost breaking away for what would have been the record for the longest rush in OU/Texas history.

Trey Millard going Beast Mode

In what is perhaps the most used video/picture from last years game Trey Millard broke down the sideline and jumped over a weak tackle from one of UT’s safeties while stiff arming another member of the secondary. I was sitting next to a Texas Alumni while this play took place, and the look of disbelief on his face is probably my favorite memory from last years game. Millard also ran another 20 to 30 yards after doing his signature stiff arm/ hurdle and the only thing that would have made this play better would have been if he had scored.

To many more

The Red River Rivalry is one of the most storied rivalries in all of college sports and as an OU fan it is my favorite game of the year. I hope this year’s game treats Sooner Nation to as many fond memories as games have in the past. I will end this post by saying Boomer Sooner, Beat Texas