Oklahoma Sooners vs. Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks: 5 Keys to Victory

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Stop the Big Play

There really isn’t too much need to worry about Louisiana-Monroe coming out and exploding against Oklahoma for big plays, but there is still that fear. It is still fresh in the memory of watching teams embarrass the Sooners’ defensive backs and catch wide open passes, outrunning everyone for scores. The Sooners have to stop those plays.

They will be at a slight disadvantage this week in that area, since one of their starting cornerbacks – Cortez Johnson – has been suspended from the game. There is little doubt that Aaron Colvin will hold down the left side fine as he is one of the best defensive players in the entire nation. But there is that hole on the right side and the Sooners will have to make sure that Kolton Browning doesn’t capitalize on the absence of Johnson.