Oklahoma Sooners vs. Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks: 5 Keys to Victory

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The Oklahoma Sooners open their 2013 college football season against the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks. While this game seems like an easy win, it might be a bit tougher than that. Last year, the Warhawks beat the Arkansas Razorbacks and came within 10 points of beating both the Auburn Tigers and Baylor Bears. While that makes the Warhawks look more impressive than originally thought, this should be too tough of a game for the Sooners to win.

Here is a look at five keys to victory for the Oklahoma Sooners in this game with the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks.

Trevor Knight

The biggest key to an Oklahoma Sooners win comes with new redshirt freshman quarterback Trevor Knight. When Bob Stoops named him the starting quarterback, Stoops said that was not the end of it and that Knight had to keep competing every week. While a lot of Sooners’ fans love Blake Bell, the truth is that they should be cheering for Trevor Knight to succeed. He is a freshman with a skill set like Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. That means that OU could have a winner at the helm for the next two or three years.

Knight will have to come out in this game and prove that he is as good on the real playing field as he was in practice last season. Instead of running pre-determined plays against pre-determined defenses, he will have to prove he can read defenses. No, he won’t have to worry about a powerhouse this week in Louisiana-Monroe, but he will have one soon in Notre Dame. That means he needs to get comfortable fast and prove he deserves this job.