Will Trevor Knight Win the Oklahoma Sooners QB Job?



On Tuesday, rumors spread throughout Sooner nation that Trevor Knight was going to win the 2013 Oklahoma Sooners starting quarterback job. While Bob Stoops shot down those rumors, it still brought a lot of talk considering who should be the Sooners quarterback, and what it could mean for the team.

The last time a veteran quarterback entered the Oklahoma Sooners’ season and lost his job to a freshman was 2005. It was 2005 that Paul Thompson lost his starting role to Rhett Bomar. That ended up being one of the Sooners’ worst seasons in Stoops’ tenure as head coach.

Oklahoma lost to TCU in a home game, the last loss for the Sooners at home until two years ago when Texas Tech beat them at home. They also lost to UCLA, Texas and Texas Tech. To make matters worse, the Sooners had to vacate their wins from the season because of NCAA violations by none other than Rhett Bomar.

The next season, Bomar was gone and Paul Thompson led the Sooners to an 11-3 record.

Now, that is not to say that choosing the freshman Trevor Knight is a bad move. If Knight gives the Sooners the better chance to win, he most definitely should be the starting quarterback. But, if Stoops does choose to go with the freshman, he better he completely certain that it is the right choice.

Asking Blake Bell to do nothing but play out of the Belldozer formation for another year, with no chance of ever starting, is not something that Bell will likely agree to. I mean, he will do it if he remains with the Oklahoma Sooners, but why should he stay at Oklahoma if he will never get the chance to start? Shouldn’t he transfer and sit out a year somewhere else where he can prove himself to the NFL as a senior?

Drew Allen transferred for this exact reason. Two years ago, some of the Sooners’ most highly recruited running backs left the program when they realized they wouldn’t get the chance for much playing time. Anyone who doesn’t think Blake Bell should do the same if Trevor Knight wins the starting job is selfish.

Bob Stoops said that he will probably name his starting quarterback at the end of this week. If he does choose Trevor Knight, Sooners fans should expect to see the chance of Blake Bell leaving Norman for a brighter future elsewhere.

Source: NewsOK