Top Ten “Belldozer” Plays of 2012

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Some see it as a “gimmick.” Some see it as “unnecessary.” The Sooners see it as the answer to their short-yardage problems.

Blake Bell, Oklahoma’s back-up quarterback, has been the key ingredient to Oklahoma’s success in short-yardage situations and has helped the Sooners improve significantly in the redzone.

OU definitely isn’t the first team to utilize a player like Bell, but they fixed what was broken, and teams dread the unstoppable nature of the “Belldozer” package.

After one crazy regular season, here are the Top Ten “Belldozer” plays of the year.

(Note: Disregard the length of each embedded video, they all should load starting at the play mentioned.)

10. Bell spins his way to a first down

For a big dude, Bell is a slippery one. Against a stingy West Virginia defense, Bell picks up the first down and a little more. He always finds a way to get the first down, but here Blake spins out of a tackle and pinballs his way to pick up a few more yards on the carry. The first down conversion led to one of plenty Sooner scores in what ended in thrilling fashion.

9. Bell handstands for the first down

Not the most spectacular play, but an odd instance where Bell practically handstands for a first down. He needed next to nothing for the first down and UTEP almost had Bell. However, #10 gets perpendicular with the ground and picks up the few inches Oklahoma needs and keeps the drive alive. Love the instinct to keep fighting for every inch, but still baffled how a big guy like Bell gets in a position like this and is able to finish the play.

8. Bell powers his way in Lubbock

This was a bit of redemption for Blake Bell. In the previous week, Bell fumbled on the goal line, which could have flipped the course of Oklahoma’s loss to Kansas State. Regardless of Bell’s blunder, he bounced back with two touchdowns in a revenge win over Texas Tech and this really put his strength on display. Bell is a tough runner, and practically pushes the line forward as he is going to find the end zone. He rarely disappoints, and this was a big touchdown that led to Oklahoma’s rout of the Red Raiders.

7. Bell with big help from his blockers

You have to love and admire Bell’s ability to ram through the defense, but this one right here is for the unsung heroes of football. The guys that do all the dirty work that don’t show up in the box score. On this touchdown, you could not ask for better blocking. Bell has a clear path to the end zone and he has his teammates to thank for an incredible job of giving him a clear lane to the end zone.

6. Bell delivers on gamble

Fourth and one, the Sooners in their own territory, but Stoops took the gamble. Blake Bell only needed a yard, but had the Sooners not moved the chains, Iowa State could have received great field position at a time when they could have tied up the game. However, Bell is just too good and grinded out the first down. Not the prettiest of plays, but this has to be up there considering the circumstance and considering the game could have gone a completely different direction if Bell does not come through for Oklahoma.