OU football: Multiple streaks come to end


Oct 13, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Oklahoma Sooners running back Trey Millard (33) carries the ball in the game against the Texas Longhorns during the red river rivalry at the Cotton Bowl. Oklahoma beat Texas 63-21. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

The great thing about college football is that there’s always another game to be played. There’s always another season. And when you are as successful as Oklahoma has been, being a fan is quite easy.

However, 2012 has been a historic one. Not the way most OU supporters would like, but history has definitely been made this season.

For starters, Bob Stoops has a very impressive record at home. Yes, Oklahoma has been dominant in Norman, only losing five home contests since Stoops took the head coaching job back in 1999.

Last season, though, Texas Tech put an end to Oklahoma’s 39-game home win streak. As disappointing as that was, that streak had to come to an end one day. And in hindsight, that one loss was not nearly as heartbreaking as what Sooner fans have to had witness this season.

Oklahoma has dropped two home games, one to the third-ranked Kansas State Wildcats and the other to fourth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. While both of those programs have been spectacular so far this season, OU fans are not used to seeing these kind of performances in Norman.

The Sooners have been notorious for going on the road and playing subpar football, but this type of thing does not happen. In fact, the Sooners have not lost two home games in the same season since 1998 when John Blake was in his last year as head coach.

The losses have definitely shot down Oklahoma’s goal of a national title. Which is another streak out the window. Unless the top eleven teams lose, Oklahoma will not be competing for the crystal ball. There just is not enough time to make up that ground in the standings.

So with Oklahoma out of the title hunt, it is safe to say Oklahoma’s weird presidential election year streak will end. In the 21st century, Oklahoma has played in every national championship each election year. 2000 the Sooners won. 2004 and 2008 they lost. 2012 they will do neither.

Unless BCS madness occurs, OU will not be bowling in Miami and their streak will end at three election years.

Also, while were at it, we might as well mention one more streak more than likely coming to an end. Since the Sooners won their first Big 12 title in 2000, they have never went consecutive seasons without the conference crown. Take a look for yourself: 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. 2012 would have kept that going, but Kansas State would have to drop two games, but they does not seem likely.

So a few streaks are ending, but it only means the beginning of new ones. Oklahoma still has a lot left to play for this season. They are in a good position to still get to a good bowl game and gain some respect by beating a big-name. All they have to do is win out, but that will be easier said than done.