“Stripe the Stadium” unnecessary for Notre Dame game


Wear the color of your section Saturday marked by this map, if you choose to participate.

The University of Oklahoma wants to make a good impression Saturday. With a national audience on hand, OU is calling for fans to “stripe the stadium.”

Similar to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s blue and white outs in the playoffs, the Sooners are hoping to send a message with their crowd.

It is not a surprise Oklahoma wants to make a statement Saturday with its fan base. ESPN’s College Gameday will be in Norman, and the game will be broadcasted nationally on ABC.

It is the first time since Oklahoma’s 2008 game with then second-ranked Texas Tech the Sooners have a had a home game selected as the College Gameday game of the week. The crowd was crazy that night, but OU’s fans are not notorious for that.

So in a game that will have plenty of eyes on it, it is understandable the University wants to do something special. However, if you really want to make a statement, “striping the stadium” is not the way to go.

This is a big game, but doing something to this measure is a huge ego-boost for Notre Dame. Just like C3 co-host Sean Forster said in this week’s podcast, Oklahoma fans need to refrain from storming the field if the Sooners win. It only validates Notre Dame.

Though, this not the only reason it is a bad idea. Oklahoma is asking 85,000 people what to wear. They have, also, made it confusing.

Each section has to either wear red or white. And as most of you know, the stadium’s seating is already striped. Now would it not be easy to just say if you sit in a section with red benches to wear red or to wear white in a section with gray benches? Apparently, not.

As a regular at Oklahoma games, section six has gray benches, though, the University is asking fans in that section to wear red. That just doesn’t make sense. Also, red and white is a hard combination to pull off.

Finding red clothing is easy for most Oklahoma fans. White is not hard, but keep in mind, this game will be a cold one. A lot of Sooner fans probably own crimson or red jackets, but finding a white jacket is much harder. At least an Oklahoma one.

Now if the University was providing t-shirts for every fan, maybe I would think differently. However, providing 85,000 t-shirts would be extremely difficult and I’m not sure how many sponsors would be willing to help fund the shirts.

Maybe it is a cute idea, but executing it will be very tough. If it was just one solid color, it may be different. Apparently, the actual football team was calling for a white out, but the University took the matter in to its own hands.

I get they want the fans to make a good impression on national television, but this is just a dumb idea. Even though this will be a big game, you do not have to tell your fans how to dress, Oklahoma. Just show up Saturday, be loud from 7 p.m to the end of the game, and Beat ND!