The Good: 1. Ending the losing streak in ..."/> The Good: 1. Ending the losing streak in ..."/> The Good: 1. Ending the losing streak in ..."/>

The Good and the Bad: Oklahoma 41, Texas Tech 20


September 1, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Kenny Stills (4) during the game against the UTEP Miners at Sun Bowl Stadium. The Oklahoma Sooners won 24-7 beating the UTEP Miners. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE

The Good:

1. Ending the losing streak in Lubbock. The Sooners really needed to win this game.  The losing streak in Lubbock was embarrassing enough, but to also lose to the Red Raiders in Norman last season made this a must-win for the pride factor.  After the loss two weeks ago to K-State and this was a must win for the season.

2. The defense. There are still a few things the defense needs to work on, namely tackling in space, but overall the defense made several improvements over the defensive performance against Tech last season.  The defensive line played very well against Tech’s screen game and the defensive backs played sound assignments the whole game.  The turnovers created made the game impossible for Tech to stay in the game.

3. The Receivers. The receivers have shown flashes so far this season but against the nation’s #1 defense (kidding. Kind of) Kenny Stills and company looked excellent.  We know Landry isn’t going to be perfect at times so it is imperative that the receivers do their part to put Landry in a position to succeed.  Stills, Shepherd, and even Trey Millard looked very impressive.

The Bad:

1. Dom Whaley. D.D. Williams has been awesome so far this season, and while that’s a big positive, it has to worry the coaching staff that Whaley has been so ineffective this season.  This isn’t as big of a problem as it could be, but it would be great for Williams and Whaley to form a two-headed rushing attack.  Last time the Sooners had a true two-back system, the running game was very successful.

2. Running/Passing mix. This is me being picky, but I said before the season that I think the Sooners need to move back towards a 50/50 split in the rushing/passing offensive scheme, and against Tech the Sooners ran 29 rush plays to 40 pass plays, or a 42/58 split.  The Sooners try and use the horizontal passing game as rushing plays (sort of the whole point of the spread offense), but I think that more handoffs to the running backs would improve Landry Jones as a passer.  I’m not saying he’s a future All-Pro quarterback, but Eli Manning and Tom Brady make a living handing the ball off to running backs.

3. Two moderate concerns – 3rd down defense and special teams. Tech was able to convert a fair number of third downs (9/15).  Against better teams, this will be unacceptable.  Also the special teams seem somewhat unmotivated to me (other than that play by Shannon, wow).  Again it wasn’t a big deal against the Red Raiders, but I would be scared taking that special teams unit into the Cotton Bowl next weekend.