Bob Stoops’ Sooners rarely disappoint after a loss


Nov 26, 2011; Norman, OK, USA; Oklahoma Sooner head coach Bob Stoops on the field prior to the game against the Iowa State Cyclones at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Losing is never a good thing. Although, some great Sooner performances have come as a result of them.

In the Stoops era, the man in the visor has been criticized for not motivating his players well enough, but after losses, the Sooners usually come out with a little more fire.

This early in the season, Oklahoma has the opportunity to turn things around and get back their focus. Though, they really have not had any focus this season.

While the Texas game is only a week, this team has to zero in on Texas Tech. It has to be priority Oklahoma walks out of Lubbock with its first victory at the Jones AT&T Stadium since 2003.

If Oklahoma can deliver, then Sooner fans will have to suffer with another team incapable of living up to not only preseason standards, but Oklahoma standards in general.

Landry Jones has had big games before, so we know he is capable of throwing the ball very well. He just has to prove it once more.

Texas Tech’s secondary has been lightly tested, and a big day for Landry Jones could send the Red Raiders in another downward spiral. Though, they went on a downward spiral after they beat Oklahoma last season.

Anyway, Oklahoma has to do what they have done in the past. Play angry. The defense has not been the best, but they need to realize who they are going up against.

This is not Florida A&M. This one of the best offenses in the Big 12, and while Doege is a good quarterback, he can have bad games as well.

It is just so pertinent Oklahoma takes care of the Red Raiders. Not only would they regain momentum, but winning in Lubbock would allow Sooner Nation to take a huge sigh of relief.

They have bounced before, and they can do it again. They did against Kansas State, destroying the Wildcats in Manhattan following the loss to Texas Tech at home. They did it to Colorado and Texas Tech following their losses to Missouri and Texas A&M.

Even in Landry Jones’ freshman season, he helped Oklahoma manhandle Texas A&M and shutout Oklahoma State following some very bad games to Nebraska, which may be his worst of all time, and a 41-13 ass-kicking in none other than Lubbock.

This team needs to show some heart Saturday, and they can start by shutting up the critics and gaining some steam before heading in to the Red River Shootout.