A unique resentment toward Texas Tech


Oct 22, 2011; Norman, OK, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders quarterback Seth Doege (7) looks to throw a pass while being defended by Oklahoma Sooners defensive end Frank Alexander (84) during the first half at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Sooner fans have ample reason to have some, for lack of a better word, hatred toward their Big 12 counterparts in Lubbock. Forget about Bedlam and the bitterness between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State fans, at least Texas Tech beats Oklahoma on a consistent basis.

It is not a good thing they have been a thorn in the side to Oklahoma, but give the Red Raiders some credit. Not for their fans, but for their football team that has been able to hang for 60 minutes once a year with a blue blood like Oklahoma.

Now as an unbiased writer, I am not going to say I can not stand Texas Tech. I am just going to say, I have some resentment for Texas Tech.

The main reason I get easily irritated by Texas Tech is because of my personal life.

So I will start by mentioning I was not able to watch any of the past three Oklahoma-Texas Tech games in Lubbock at their entirety. Mainly because of an old job.

I used to work at a middle school gym doing either concession stands or controlling the scoreboard. It was all day, every Saturday of volleyball and basketball season, and it prevented me from seeing the entire game.

2005 is a little hazy, but I do remember watching the last play of the game on my break. Of course I was none too happy, and I certainly was not happy in 2007.

I was getting off a 10 hour workday, and I the rest of the game at a nearby Mexican restaurant. I did not make it in time to see Sam Bradford go down, so you could safely assume I was a bit confused seeing the backup in the ball game.

In 2009, Oklahoma played Texas Tech early, and I managed to bring a laptop and get by with watching the game on the internet. However, I was not watching it for too long, so it did not really hinder what I was doing.

Tomorrow will be the first time I will be able to watch a game between the Sooners and Red Raiders from the comfort of my home since 2003. Though, there is two more brief stories I would like to share.

In 2008, I was supposed to be at the Texas Tech game in Norman. It was obviously a highly-anticipated game with the Big 12 undecided and both teams having an opportunity at playing in the national championship.

However, I got strep throat that week, and was unable to attend an Oklahoma home game for the first time in about four or five years. Seeing that game on television was oh so bittersweet knowing I should have been there jumping around with my fellow Sooner fans.

And in 2011, I was at the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game for a good hour, before my ride decided it would be best just to head home during the rain delay and not stick around to see the Sooners lose their first home game since Texas Christian did so in 2005.

As you can see, Oklahoma has some bad luck when I’m working or not at the game when they play Texas Tech. My resentment for them is purely based off that, though.

I do not completely hate Tech. I loved watching Michael Crabtree’s game-winning touchdown catch against Texas. I am a big supporter of Mike Leach, and went to his book signing in Oklahoma City a year ago. Also, their red and black Under Amour uniforms are awesome, though, they need to get rid of those sparkly black helmets.

Regardless, I have to move on. There is nothing I can do now about the 2008 Oklahoma-Texas Tech. Would anything really change if I wasn’t working Saturdays and had fully seen those three road games? Probably not, so while I do not blame OU fans for not liking Texas Tech, my resentment purely stems from the fact work and strep throat got in the way of seeing Oklahoma play.