Reliving 2009 would not be the worst thing


Sep 22, 2012; Norman, OK, USA; Oklahoma Sooner head coach Bob Stoops questions a call during the game against the Kansas State Wildcats at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. The Wildcats beat the Sooners 24-19. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Through three games, Oklahoma has yet to check in to the 2012 season. They have looked mediocre at best, and a lot of it is Landry Jones. A lot of it is injuries. A lot of it will be a tough schedule.

Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like 2009 to me. The Sooners are going down a dark path, but it could mean good for the future of the team.

This Sooner team may possibly duplicate the success–or lack thereof–of the 2009 Sooner football squad. At least that is way it looks at the moment.

Oklahoma has a solid defense, who have only given a late touchdown to K-State and one to Florida A&M when the game was in hand. The offense, though, has found no rhythm. Landry has already outdone himself in Landry-ing a football game.

So why is not the worst thing for Sooner fans to relive a season like 2009? Well, it is good for multiple reasons actually.

First, it could mean coaching changes. At this point, Heupel does not look fit to run an offense. It was apparent against Kansas State, so fingers crossed he is replaced by next year.

Second, it lowers the expectations. Oklahoma football is a gigantic monster that has to be fed constantly. A humbling seven or eight win year would be good for the fans, because you start appreciating the wins, instead of assuming OU will achieve them.

Remember in 2010 when the Sooners won the Big 12 Championship and a BCS bowl? While they are common accomplishments to Sooner fans, they were nice to obtain following such a bad year.

The third reason is growth. I feel like sometimes the players take a lot of the game us fans love for granted. Nothing is given in college football; anything can happen. So if 2012 becomes a “rebuilding” season for Stoops, then so be it. These players need to mature and go through some hard times before they achieve the ultimate prize of a national championship.

Finally, Bob Stoops may rethink his modified philosophies. Who didn’t love the visor-wearing risk taker? Who didn’t get excited to see the Sooners pour it on and really attack on defense. Stoops has lost that big game feel. The 2000 National Title is way in the past now. It is time to go back to what put the Sooners back on the map.

Oklahoma has a bye week to recover from a tough loss to Kansas State. October seems a lot worse than we initially thought. However, reliving that 2009 season is not the worst thing in the world. It could do a lot of good for a team that will more than likely fail to meet the lofty expectations of a national title for the second year in row.