Week Two Big 12 Power Rankings

No. TeamRecordPrev
1.West Virginia Mountaineers. The defense gave up 34 to Marshall, but what an offense. WVU looked as explosive as ever, and have the athletes to put up major points. 69 to be exact. As expected, this should be a tough team to beat.1-03
2.Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Pokes might have played Savannah State, but something has to be said about an 84-0 win. They never let their foot off the gas, even after clearing the bench. A trip to Arizona will determine if this team is for real, though.1-04
3.Oklahoma Sooners. Saturday night, OU looked like a bored football team. After a horrific performance like that, no one should be picking Oklahoma as the favorite for the Big 12 title. They’ll need some big improvement before they can jump back up to the top spot.1-01
4.Kansas State Wildcats. Snyder and the Cats struggled, but torched the Missouri State Bears in the fourth with 35 points. Maybe they aren’t the second best team in the conference, but a good indicator will be whether they can defeat a Miami team coming off a big win over Boston College.1-02
5.Texas Longhorns. Not sure how to feel after Texas’ opener against Wyoming. The Horns had their moments, but something that should be a huge concern is the offensive line. The Cowboys were able to apply the pressure on Ash, and on the other side, Wyoming wasn’t exactly struggling too bad on offense. Interested to see where Texas goes from here.1-05
6.TCU Horned Frogs. Got a bye week to open the season, so it would be unfair to move them up or down, although, I would like to, because of Baylor.1-06
7.Baylor Bears. Florence was superb in the first game of the post-RGIII era. The Bears stomped Southern Methodist led by Garrett Gilbert. The Bears’ secondary got a workout with Gilbert as the Mustang signal caller, but he completed 34/59, which only added up to 286 passing yards. Baylor could move up if the Bears can keep this up.1-07
8.Iowa State Cyclones. Iowa State overcame a 16-7 deficit in the first quarter, and knocked off a respectable C-USA team in Tulsa. Steele Jantz took care of business, and the fact they didn’t play a Northwestern State like Tech gives them a boost.1-09
9.Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Red Raiders did some work on Northwestern…..State. Really, Raiders? Although, I should be used to seeing the Raiders scheduling very light early on, it is still a disgrace they go after the directional land grant colleges.1-08
10.Kanas Jayhawks. Weis starts out a winner at KU. However, it was against South Dakota State. So yeah…1-010