Sevens reasons to be excited for the UTEP game


El Paso is not the traditional starting point for Sooner football, but in the midst of a scheduling crisis, Oklahoma took what it could get. It wasn’t the big Texas out-of-conference opponent they originally planned for in 2012, but there are plenty of reasons to be excited for this weekend’s season opener with the Miners.

1. The secondary is out to prove everyone wrong, and with Nick Lamaison leading the Miners at quarterback, they will get an early test. He may not be the best of competition, but he has a nice JUCO resumé, and has a few threats at receiver to throw to Saturday night. I am curious to see how the Sharks do in their first outing.

2. The game is late, but will not be nationally televised. Get excited Oklahoma won’t be getting any true media love until week four against Kansas State. It will be good for the team to focus on pure football, which is a positive in my mind.

3. Oklahoma fans will not miss any other games. There will be plenty of other good ones to watch, and it will be nice to flip from the OU game to the end of the Alabama-Michigan game during commercials. Unless you are going to a sports bar or a friends house, you are in total control of what you watch, and isn’t that how Saturdays were truly meant to be?

4. Landry Jones will look amazing. UTEP will not be the kind of “tune-up” game like Florida A&M, but Landry will at least get an opportunity to win over a few fans with a great game against the Miners. Should he have to convince anyone he is a great quarterback? No. However, it will be nice if people can stay off his back for a little bit.

5. No Saturday drive-home traffic. I am really excited I can turn off my TV right as the game ends, and go to sleep. Then again, I probably won’t do that, but the option is there.

6. There will be a three-hour OU pre-game show on the new Sooner Network. HYFR.

7. It is the first game! In years past, Sooner fans have had to muster up some excitement for the likes of Idaho State and Chattanooga, but at least UTEP is somewhat decent. Let’s be honest with ourselves, whoever Oklahoma plays, fans will get excited. It is the season opening game, so dust off your crimson hat, because it is once again football time in Oklahoma!