OU Football: Landry Jones is Matt Saracern


No one deals with scrutiny like Landry Jones. For what reason? He followed Sam Bradford. Despite doing more than Bradford ever did in a crimson jersey, Landry is the guy everyone loves to hate.

Now I am not going to say Landry has never had a bad game. However, some one has to hold on to his passes. Some one has to block for Landry. Also, some one has to run up field after Landry hands the ball off to them. There is eleven guys on offense, Landry is just one.

Jones has fallen victim to the pressure of being the starting quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners. When you are the main signal caller for a perennial power like OU, people are watching. Sooner fans don’t hope for success, they expect it.

You can see how Landry Jones and the fictional quarterback Matt Saracen have a lot in common. If you never got in to Friday Night Lights, then let me first feel pity on you. Second, I will try to briefly explain Saracen’s role.

The pilot episode of the Friday Night Lights television series went a little something like this. Jason Street, star quarterback for the Dillon Panthers, was one of the biggest names in high school football. The Panthers were the best team in Texas, but in their first game, Jason Street suffered a spine injury after tackling a defensive back who picked him off.

Street was paralyzed, but the game had to go on. Freshman Matt Saracen entered the game, and actually won the game on a Hail Mary touchdown pass. While their debut’s were different, Jones and Saracen faced plenty of adversity.

A few seasons later, Saracen was starting to become overshadowed by freshman J.D. McCoy. While McCoy was more of a fine tuned quarterback, Jones dealt with lot of fans wanting Blake Bell under center for the Sooners.

Regardless, Landry and Matt both have love interests that they marry young. It is uncanny how many similarities the two share.

Also, take a wild guess what Matt’s best friend is named on Friday Night Lights. LANDRY.

Hopefully, Landry Jones can silence the haters, and win a title like Saracen. Though, whatever happens, you have to appreciate Jones for everything he has done in his time with Oklahoma. Undefeated in bowl games. Beat Nebraska in the final Big 12 title game. Undefeated against Texas as a starter. Shattered multiple passing records. Maybe, just maybe, he can add an eighth national championship