Football: Team effort propels OU to another Big 12 Title


One week, folks. The lights in El Paso will be shining bright on the 2012 Oklahoma Sooners in a week, but can OU reclaim its throne as best in the conference?

West Virginia and Texas are looking to make noise, and Oklahoma State will try its best to defend its first ever Big 12 crown, but Oklahoma has to be the clear frontrunner.

They have all the tools, and maybe the depth of this team was not as good as it was a few weeks ago, regardless, Oklahoma has a manageable schedule and all the experience necessary.

The defense is loaded with star power, which includes names like Tony Jefferson and Demontre Hurst. Also, Tom Wort, Corey Nelson, David King, and Casey Walker are guys who will be wreaking havoc this year for Oklahoma.

On offense, the Sooners are growing thin at the offensive line, but the Sooners are stacked at receiver, and have a solid group of running backs. Then there is Landry Jones.

Jones has one more season to prove to Sooner Nation he isn’t so bad. More fans will realize how valuable he is after he leaves, but for now, Jones deals with the scrutiny.

Though, let us not look over the fact, he is virtually the most experienced quarterback in the nation. Despite a not-so impressive touchdown-interception ratio in 2011, Jones has a sparkling resumé. Ask anyone to “name that Oklahoma quarterback” after telling them he never lost to Texas as a starter, never lost a bowl game, won a BCS bowl, won a Big 12 title against Nebraska, broke nearly every passing record and see what responses you get.

Believe me, Jones has done more than people give him credit for as OU’s signal caller. The inclusion of the “Belldozer” package in the offense does not help Landry’s case, though. Everyone loves new and big things, and Blake Bell fits both of those.

While Bell’s ability to score at will in short yardage situation may affect Jones’ shot at a Heisman, the Sooners are not in the business of racking up the postseason individual awards. OU is seeking a national championship.

Bob Stoops has been reunited with his brother, Mike, and a mind like Mike’s in the coaching office should make an impact on this team. The Sooners have a tough stretch at the end of the season, but with a total team effort, Oklahoma should be able to bring home another Big 12 championship.

Keep in mind, since 2000, every time someone other than Oklahoma wins the Big 12 title, the Sooners have always won it back the next season. Can the Sooners keep up with this trend? I think so. However, there are a few traps on the schedule, and for the time being, Big 12 title is the expectation. Time will tell if the Sooners are capable of competing for an eighth crystal ball.